Flame Keeper

Ready, Set, Fire! Flame Keeper Out Now

New trailer + helpful tricks and tips video feature released

Untold Tales and Kautki Cave have announced the release of their new game, Flame Keeper. The dynamic action rogue-lite game is available on Steam, Epic, and the Nintendo Switch.

A new Flame Keeper launch trailer and a helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” video on how best to play were also released.

In Flame Keeper, players take on the role of a special little piece of burning coal named Ignis, who needs to restore the fire to the Eternal Flame.

However, doing so drains their life, so players need to find the perfect balance between progress and staying alive as they battle through a world of darkness and monsters.

Players can take on hordes of enemies using punch combos, fiery dashes, wide area-of-effect stomps, and powerful finishers that deal decisive damage. To progress, players will also need to upgrade their Ignis via skills and passive abilities, and mix and match skills in the same run to create tons of different builds.

In order to restore the Eternal Flame, players must scour each environment for what remains of its energy and transfer it back into each stage’s Fire Camp.

At the start of each level lies Vulpis Village, where players can rest, enhance abilities, rebuild and upgrade structures thanks to resources they collect.

The Flame Keeper game is priced at $11.99 / £9.99 / 11,99€, but will launch on Steam, Epic, and the Nintendo eShops with a 33% off discount for the first week.

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