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Multiple award nominee and unanimous ‘game of 2020’ Umurangi Generation finally arrives on Nintendo Switch Portable

ORIGAME DIGITAL and PLAYISM AGM have released the award winning photography game Umurangi Generation on Nintendo Switch. Nominated for the Sheamus McNally grand prize at this year’s IGF and on many Game Of The Year lists, Umurangi Generation is now available on Nintendo’s signature handheld. Set in a retro-future taking direct visual inspiration from Jet Set Radio and turn of the century anime classics, Umurangi Generation is a distinctly southern hemisphere title.

Umurangi Generation is set to the backdrop of a crisis event taking place in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Included with the game is the critically acclaimed MACRO DLC which positions the player a few weeks before the end of the base game where they get an intimate look at the UN as well as much needed quality of life improvements such as new lenses and rollerblades.

Umurangi Generation has been compared to Pokemon Snap but the developers ORIGAME DIGITAL worked to create a unique experience which pushes past the more archaic design systems of the past. With the Nintendo Switch version of Umurangi Generation you can freely rotate your switch similar to the WiiU launch title Nintendo Land, allowing you to easily line up shots and take more organic photography. This also immerses you in the shoes of a photographer more, as each minute movement in your hands is registered with making a shot stable, using a telephoto lens on a train mimics the real life struggle photographers have when shooting on the go. The Nintendo Switch Version saves photos to your gallery and allows the player to use touch screen support for ease of editing.

“There is nothing like this version of the game on the market when it comes to photography” – Naphtali Faulkner

Umurangi Generation focuses on player expression and creative output. Director of the title Naphtali Faulkner explained that the switch version is the best way to play. “There is nothing like this version of the game on the market when it comes to photography”. He said on a Live Stream while demoing off the Switch version. “The new controls allow you to play the game through a magic window into the world. We want to take advantage of hardware like the Switch and give players a reason to jump back into the world we have created”

Umurangi Generation for Nintendo Switch was one of the most anticipated releases of 2020 winning multiple awards and game of the year nominations. The new ways to play and the portable form factor go above and beyond the experience on PC. The game is discounted during launch week at under $20 USD worldwide.

A genre defining photography game:

Umurangi Generation is not on the Rails or a photography component of a larger game. It is a fully featured photography game focusing entirely on the art of photography itself. It has redefined what photography can be in a game.

New Modes to Play

Take advantage of the game breaking creative mode which allows you to clip through walls, adjust the lighting conditions of your scene and change the world around you. Play and compete with the new speedrun mode which challenges players to complete the game with some added twists.

A photography game for beginners and pros:

Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a rookie looking to learn how to take photos. Umurangi Generation will ease players into taking photos using industry standard language and concepts. Pros should feel right at home with how lenses and editing works.

Full creative control:

Express yourself by creating beautiful shots using a wide variety of lenses, equipment and diverse editing suite of tools to give your photos a unique feel. Unlock more advanced techniques for editing such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed to completely change how your photos are taken.

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