Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Confirmed for November Release on Nintendo Switch

22nd October – CIRCLE Entertainment is delighted to announce an upcoming November release of Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix on the Nintendo Switch eShop (North America / Europe / Australia & New Zealand), developed by RideonJapan. This follows the early 2018 release of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on the Switch eShop, and more recently at retail in the North American market. This new release in the Mercenaries series will offer familiar gameplay but a separate story and worldview from the Mercenaries Saga trilogy recently seen in Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on Nintendo Switch. It is not an orthodox sequel, nor will players need to have played the original trilogy to fully enjoy the game. A tactical RPG in the finest traditions of the genre, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix requires you to carefully utilise varied units and their abilities. Set Leaders to change the flow of battle, level up your units, change classes, manage […]

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DYNASTY WARRIORS Slashes its way to the Nintendo Switch

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition Hitting Nintendo on December 27, 2018 Burlingame, Calif. – October 22, 2018 – KOEI TECMO America announced today that DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition will be available for the first time digitally on the Nintendo SwitchTM on December 27, 2018. Follow the stories of the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin through the actions of historical military and political figures as they fight for control over the Three Kingdoms of China. This new compilation combines the original DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 with DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Xtreme Legends, providing gamers all of the tactical action the beloved series is known for, along with almost all of the DLC released to date; including costumes and side-story scenarios for many popular warriors. In addition, gamers will receive save data bonus costumes if they own the recently released Warriors Orochi 4. DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition will be available through Nintendo’s eShop […]

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The Walking Vegetables Radical! Edition

The Walking Vegetables Radical! Edition, Zombie veggie-shooting mayhem, coming to Nintendo Switch!

Monday, October 22nd 2018, Manchester, UK. – Merge Games and Still Running are proud to announce the upcoming release of The Walking Vegetables – Radical! edition on Nintendo Switch. A twin-stick shooter, The Walking Vegetables sees players battling mutated zombie fruit and veg. Armed initially with a simple pistol, players can upgrade their arsenal with a myriad of weapons and gadgets they uncover as they take on the lethal legumes. Journeying between cities players experience double the fire-power by buddying-up with a friend. To save mankind, players will need to defeat end of level vegetable kingpins before progressing to the vegetable-ridden alien headquarters and the formidable mothership. The game’s content is OVERFLOWING! A single playthrough merely scratches the surface on what The Walking Vegetables has to offer. Randomized buildings, sections, enemies, bosses, weapons and items will make every game a completely unique experience. Combine this with the abundance of achievable skills and unlockable goodies […]

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Two Tribes brings long-lost treasure Swap This! to Nintendo Switch

An arcade-style puzzle experience, set for release on November 2nd, available for pre-order in the eShop today! Once thought lost in the Two Tribes treasure chest, Swap This! is here to make matching puzzle games exciting again! It’s a game in which gaming skills like fast reflexes and tactical thinking actually count for something. Players still match colors, but once they get the hang of it they’ll be juggling multiple chain reactions in real time while strategically deploying power-ups to beat giant enemy fish! It’s fresh, it’s fast, it’s deep – Meet Swap This!, the arcade-style puzzle experience! A new game from Two Tribes? More than 7 years ago, we decided we wanted to make a puzzle game that really challenged gamers’ skills. We felt this was lacking from the puzzle genre, and we still do. Swap This! never got a proper release and lingered in the Two Tribes treasure chest, deemed lost. With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch we decided to bring […]

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Varion, the futuristic brawler available soon on Nintendo Switch and PC!

In Varion, blast your friends at the speed of light! Light Maze is pleased to announce the release of “Varion” on Nintendo Switch™ and PC, on Thursday, November 8th, 2018! In this high-powered brawler developed by RunDisc where only bounce shots are lethal, you’ll have to use your most cunning strategies to defeat your friends or AI. Within this futuristic world with retro tones, go for it to avoid the enemy shots and do not stop on the way if you want to reload your ammunition! All together in cooperation or alone against all, play tournament mode or go challenge mode fighting the Bots to go hunting high-scores! During faced-paced games, use a variety of robots ready to fight for you in an infinite number of trapped procedural arenas (explosives mines, turrets, portals…). Deadly bonuses are also available to intensify the fighting. And for the most creative souls, fully customize your matches to engage in even more nervous and tactical battles!

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October 18, 2018—The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo announced today that fans can challenge “Master Trainers” in the highly anticipated Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! video games for Nintendo Switch. In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, the fun doesn’t end after the player becomes the Pokémon League Champion. After becoming Champion, the player will encounter Master Trainers who are dedicated to training a particular species of Pokémon. Accordingly, there is a Master Trainer for every Pokémon species in the Kanto region. An image of each Master Trainer’s favourite Pokémon is displayed above their head. Battling a Master Trainer is a true test of skill and strength since items cannot be used in battle. Players who emerge victorious from the battle can leave with that Master Trainer’s title. Titles can then be displayed prestigiously in-game during Link Battles. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! will be available exclusively on Nintendo […]

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Youtubers Life OMG Version

“Zeitgeisty” Sim Youtubers Life Coming Soon in Brand New “OMG” Version for Consoles

Think being a social media star is all fun and games? Now you can live the everyday life of a youtuber! Madrid—October 18, 2018—New boutique game publisher Raiser Games announced today that the supersized “OMG Edition” of Youtubers Life is coming to the PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ consoles on November 14th. To celebrate selling one million copies, the bestselling life sim game comes to consoles with a wealth of updated features, which will be a free update for existing owners of the game on PC and mobile. Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation game in which you can become the most successful youtuber on the planet! Create videos, get subscribers, attend events, interact with your fans… and grow your channel. You will launch your new venture from your parents’ house and gain your first subscribers, views and likes, but soon you’re well on your way to fame and fortune as a […]

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Winter is Coming in Norse Action-Adventure Fimbul on November 29

MUNICH/COPENHAGEN – 18 October 2018 – Fimbul, the Norse Comic-Action-Adventure from Publisher EuroVideo and developer Zaxis Games, releases on PlayStation 4 and PC November 29, with a Switch release planned for early 2019. The Fimbulwinter – a season shrouded in legend, said to be the harbinger of the coming Ragnarök – has engulfed the high north. An old berserker named Kveldulver dies during an assault on his village, but destiny isn’t finished with him. Revived by the Norns, the sisters of fate, Kveldulver is chosen by the gods to fight the Jotun, a race of trolls, to prevent Ragnarök and the destruction of the world. Fimbul’s comic book style provides a gorgeous backdrop for players as they forge their own story. The “Lifestring” feature empowers Kveldulver, allowing him to return to earlier points in the story and walk different fated paths. During his adventure, he’ll meet many characters, some of whom are like-minded and willing to support […]

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Storm in a Teacup


Explore Colorful Levels Full of Sugary Good Collectibles Los Angeles, CA – LONDON, UK – October 18, 2018 – Video game publisher Rising Star Games announced today that the magical platform puzzle game from Cobra Mobile, Storm in a Teacup, is coming to Nintendo Switch™ on October 25 for a global digital release. Storm in a Teacup takes place in a dream-like world that Cloud, the brother to main character Storm, has created. Players will guide Storm through each level navigating platform jumps, avoiding dangerous enemies, and grabbing sugar cubes and other collectibles to achieve the highest score possible! Watch the Storm in a Teacup trailer: Or see it here. Storm in a Teacup Game Features: Simple controls for concise and enjoyable gameplay Fiendish puzzles across a multitude of levels Earn stars as you conquer each stage Easy pick up and play game for players of all ages Storm in a Teacup will be available October 25 digitally […]

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Announcing the release date of “ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS”

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku; CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from October 18th, 2018, ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS will be available digitally for ACA NEOGEO, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. About “STRIKERS 1945 PLUS” STRIKERS 1945 PLUS is a shoot ‘em up game released by Psikyo in 1999. Make use of Shots, Super Shots, and Support Attacks to make your way through a chaotic dogfight! Historical piston fighters, such as the P-38 Lightning, are ready to rumble!! A state of the art arcade shoot ’em up from the masters of the genre, Psikyo. Title: ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS Platform: Nintendo Switch™  /  PlayStation®4 / Xbox One Price: $7.99 Release Date: October 18th, 2018 Official Website:

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