One Punch and Dungeon Slasher

One Punch and Dungeon Slasher – CFK settles on release dates for two indie games coming out soon

CFK announces two indie games, One Punch and Dungeon Slasher, coming out of Daegu, Korea go beyond mobile with PC and console releases!

The global gaming community is in for a treat as CFK, the renowned game publisher headed by Chang-sig Koo, proudly announces the release dates for two exciting indie games – One Punch and Dungeon Slasher. Developed by SPRING Games and 96Percent respectively, these two popular mobile games are making their way onto the global stage with their launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Both One Punch and Dungeon Slasher were first released on mobile platforms in 2018 and 2022, and since then have garnered a dedicated fan base with their smooth gameplay and high ratings. With rave reviews pouring in from around the world, these games have proven to be a hit among players of all ages.

Thanks to the joint efforts of CFK, the Daegu Metropolitan City, and the Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency (DIP), as part of the 2023 Daegu Global Game Center Game Platform Conversion (Porting) Support Project, One Punch and Dungeon Slasher will now be available on multiple platforms, providing an opportunity for small to medium-sized game companies to diversify and reach a wider audience.

The much-awaited release of One Punch on Steam is set for April 4th (Thursday), followed by Dungeon Slasher on April 11th (Thursday). In May, both games will make their debut on the Nintendo Switch, with One Punch launching on May 30th (Thursday) and Dungeon Slasher on June 13th (Thursday).

For those unfamiliar with these two gems, here’s a brief overview:

One Punch

1) One Punch (Developer: SPRING games)

One Punch is a casual game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. With over 1.7 million downloads in 16 countries, this game boasts a retro pixel art style that harkens back to classic fighting games.

Players must use their quick reflexes to punch their way to victory by hitting as many targets (sandbags) as possible within a limited time.

But beware, one wrong move can bring the game to an end, making it a challenging yet addicting experience for players.

Dungeon Slasher

2) Dungeon Slasher (Developer: 96Percent)

For action lovers, Dungeon Slasher is an epic roguelike game that promises an adrenaline-pumping experience.

With stylish action and simple controls, players must navigate through challenging levels, gaining and combining skills to create their own unique blend of abilities.

As they progress, players will face powerful bosses with special gimmicks, making each battle a thrilling encounter.

Thanks to CFK’s support, these indie games are now ready to take on the global gaming scene, with their arrival on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid action lover, One Punch and Dungeon Slasher offer something for everyone, and with their launch on new platforms, even more players can now join the fun.

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the thrill of One Punch and Dungeon Slasher as they make their way onto Steam and Nintendo Switch starting in April and ending in June. Don’t miss out on these exciting games, brought to you by CFK and the talented developers from Daegu, Korea.

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