Slave Zero X

Fiercely Intense 2.5D Hack-and-Slash Title Slave Zero X Carves its Way onto Switch on April 11

Slice and Dice and Your Way Through Swaths of Bio-Enhanced Enemies and Prepare for More Brutality with New Ultra-Hard Boss Battle Content Coming to PC and Consoles

Video game fans, mark your calendars for April 11th because Ziggurat interactive has just announced the eagerly awaited release date for Slave Zero X on Nintendo Switch. This retro-style action game has been gaining popularity since its initial release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms last month. Now, Switch players too will be able to experience the thrill of bloody combat and embark on a journey of revenge in a dystopian world.

The story of Slave Zero X follows the protagonist, Shou, as he merges with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype in order to seek revenge against the violent dictator, SovKhan. With a 2.5D futuristic environment and intense synth soundtrack, players will be transported to the world of Megacity S1-9, ruled by the iron-fisted SovKhan. Armed with an array of gameplay modes and combos, players must face off against genetically enhanced biopunk enemies in their quest to defeat SovKhan and restore peace to the dying city.

Fans of games like Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear are in for a treat as Slave Zero X promises an action-packed, adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience. The game features an impressive array of features such as killer combos, air juggling, and wall-jumping, all set to a 90s-inspired soundtrack that perfectly complements the intense combat.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Ziggurat Interactive has announced that players on all platforms will be able to unlock an additional challenge after completing the campaign. Meet SovKhan 300, the ultimate form of the game’s main antagonist, and face off against him in a final epic battle. This free post-game content will be added on April 11th on both PC and consoles, giving players another reason to dive back into the gritty world of Slave Zero X.

In addition to the standard edition of the game, Ziggurat will also be releasing a Deluxe edition. This edition will include a custom Nintendo Switch skin, soundtracks, and three comic books created by industry veterans Ant Williams and Andy Lanning. These comics will provide fans with even more lore and insight into the brutal world of Slave Zero X.

But that’s not all. For the first time, the game will also have expanded language support. With the release of the game on Switch in Asia and Japan, a new language patch will be available on all platforms, adding Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai language options.

Slave Zero X is currently available on popular digital platforms such as Steam, GOG, PlayStation, and Xbox and will be releasing physically in Europe and the Americas on May 17th. Players can pre-order the physical version now and get ready to experience the thrill of brutal combat in a vividly crafted biopunk world.

So, gear up and get ready to take on the role of Shou, the ultimate Devil seeking revenge and justice in Slave Zero X. With its intense gameplay, striking visuals, and expanded language support, this game is sure to become a favorite among fans of action games and retro-style graphics alike.

Don’t miss out on the Nintendo Switch release of Slave Zero X on April 11th, and join the fight to carve through enemies with relentless precision.

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