DROS is soon to set its steampunk fairytale roots on the Nintendo Switch

There are two sides to this puzzle platformer

From RedDeer.Games, one of the top publishers of Nintendo Switch games, and brought into the world by emergeWorlds – DROS will release on the Nintendo Switch console sometime in 2024. Escaping the Alchemy Tower might pose quite a challenge, but the two main heroes will brave through it!

Watch DROS Trailer.

DROS is a dark fantasy game, with plenty of steampunk touches and two distinct main characters – Dros and Captain – who are on their way out of a dangerous tower by an evil Alchemist. They couldn’t be more different, and yet, working together is essential to their survival.

DROS’ Nintendo Switch release will be announced later in 2024. For bounty hunters who feel like this is what floats their boat, the game is also available on Steam.

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