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Pre-order begins on Eldgear for PC & Consoles

Find the truth behind ancient magic civilization!

KEMCO, a leading developer and publisher of mobile and console games, has recently announced the highly anticipated release of Eldgear for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox consoles systems, and PC via Steam on March 8, 2024. This tactical strategy RPG is set to revolutionize the gaming world with its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics.

Eldgear is set in the fantasy world of Argenia, where nations are jostling for power and the promise of a new era of magical civilization is on the horizon. The game offers players the opportunity to experience turn-based battles like never before. With the freedom to choose their own strategy, players can either charge into battle like lightning or advance slowly and steadily like the earth.

The battles in Eldgear are made even more engaging with its pixel animations that bring the characters to life. Mastering the art of area attacks and strategically coordinated tags can give players an upper hand in battle. The game also features EMA (Embedding Abilities) and EXA (Expanding Abilities), which allows players to unlock powerful special moves and take down enemies with ease.

One of the unique features of Eldgear is its cross-platform availability. Players can enjoy the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows devices, Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch family of systems. This ensures that members of the gaming community can connect and enjoy the game together, regardless of their choice of platform.

As of today, players can pre-order Eldgear on the Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop. The Steam version is also available for wishlisting. This allows players to be the first to experience the game as soon as it hits the market. With its stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, Eldgear is guaranteed to be a hit among gamers of all ages.

However, parents should take note that Eldgear has been given age ratings by both the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and PEGI (Pan European Game Information). The ESRB has rated the game as suitable for players aged 13 and above due to its depiction of blood, suggestive themes, violence, and in-game purchases. Meanwhile, PEGI has given the game a rating of 12 for moderate violence.

With its launch on multiple platforms and its captivating gameplay, Eldgear is poised to become one of the most popular tactical strategy RPGs of the year. So mark your calendars for March 8, 2024, and get ready to embark on an epic adventure in the world of Argenia.

Pre-order the game now and join the gaming community in the battle for power and glory.

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