Neon Blood

Welcome to Viridis. Graphic Adventure Neon Blood Premieres First Trailer

Excitement is buzzing as indie publisher Meridiem Games and developer ChaoticBrain Studios release the first trailer for their upcoming dark JRPG/Graphic Adventure game, Neon Blood. The game is set to be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch via digital stores in 2024 and has already garnered a lot of attention from gamers and industry professionals alike.

Titled “Welcome to Viridis,” the trailer gives viewers a sneak peek into the visually stunning world of Neon Blood. The game features a 2.5D aesthetic, with 2D PixelArt sprites and 3D-modeled environments, creating a unique and immersive experience for players. The animation team at Sunshine, known for their work on major titles in the industry, has brought the game to life with their exceptional talent.

Neon Blood takes place in the year 2053, after the devastating Third World War, where humanity is reduced to a single megacity – Viridis. The city is divided into two contrasting halves – the luxurious Bright City and the dystopian Blind City. Players will take on the role of Axel McCoin, a detective from Blind City, who becomes a symbol of revolution against the drastic class difference between the two cities.

As players embark on Axel’s journey, they will encounter powerful allies and enemies, such as the manipulative Ruby Emerald, who will do anything to stop Axel from achieving his goals. The game’s elaborate story, with a cyberpunk theme, will give players a peek into the harsh realities of the two cities and the relationships that Axel forms along the way.

One of the standout features of Neon Blood is its visually striking aesthetic. The game beautifully combines 2D and 3D elements, creating a unique and immersive world for players to explore. From the futuristic sci-fi cityscape of Bright City to the dark and gritty cyberpunk-inspired Blind City, players will be able to experience two vastly different environments as they progress through the game.

But Neon Blood is more than just a visually stunning game. It also offers players a chance to use their investigative skills through the eyes of detective Axel McCoin. As players uncover the dark secrets of Viridis, they will set in motion a revolution that could bring down the foundations of society.

For those eager to get their hands on Neon Blood, the game is currently available to add to wishlist on PC and PlayStation, with Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions coming soon. In addition, the game will also be featured in the upcoming Chinese New Year Steam Sale, thanks to publisher Astrolabe, who has already teamed up with Meridiem Games in the past for the release of The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo.

Neon Blood is set to launch digitally in 2024, and fans are already eagerly anticipating its release. With its unique aesthetic, gripping story, and diverse gameplay, this game is sure to make waves in the gaming community.

So, mark your calendars for 2024 and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Neon Blood.

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