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RedDeer.Games announces a new cozy puzzle game in development – Tell Me Your Story

Discover the world through the memories of a globetrotter

RedDeer.Games, a renowned developer and publisher of indie games on Nintendo Switch, today announced the development of its newest in-house game, Tell Me Your Story.

Players will follow the adventures of Amelia, a young girl placed in the care of her grandmother Rose for the summer. To her surprise, Amelia discovers Rose’s house is full of artifacts and souvenirs from across the globe, prompting her to explore her grandmother’s secret past.

To unravel the Tell Me Your Story story, Amelia and players embark on the journey of a lifetime, solving colorful puzzles against the backdrop of hand-drawn scenery. Through the game’s over 70 region-themed puzzles, players will take in the rainforests of South America, the Chinese province of Yunnan, and the historic route of the Orient Express.

Players can also expect vibrant visuals and a vivid imagination as they discover untold stories and relive the past. Drawing inspiration from the cozy vibes of summer and intuitive problem-solving, Tell Me Your Story will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2024. Steam users can show their anticipation by wishlisting the game now.

RedDeer.Games celebrated this news with the statement, “We hope that our unique puzzle game will capture the childhood pleasure of spending summer vacations with relatives and uncovering family secrets. Tell Me Your Story is a heartfelt homage to all of us who, looking back, listen to our grandparents’ stories with such enthusiasm.”

The official release date of the Tell Me Your Story game will be released later, so stay tuned for more!

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