Your hen is missing, there is no time to waste in Freaky Trip!

The Rescue Freaky Trip starts from 6th of October

Get Ready for an Unusual Adventure – Freaky Trip Launches on the 6th of October. Do you want to embark on an unusual rescue mission?

RedDeer.Games, an independent video game developer and publisher specializing in publishing games for the Nintendo Switch console, have announced the much-awaited launch of their new game – Freaky Trip. All players will be able to set out on a rescue mission for their beloved cockapoo from October 6.

Freaky Trip is a humorous point-and-click adventure set in a fairy-tale world. It features surreally bizarre puzzles as well as extraordinary challenges along the way. The main character of the game is Salcy, a fantastical little creature accompanied by his best friend – a lovely cockapoo. One day, when Salcy discovers that the hen has gone missing, his quest to find her begins. In order to find the missing chick, the players will have to explore 14 hand-drawn cartoonish locations. Each of these locations has its own set of unique inhabitants, who may or may not be of help to Salcy. The whole journey will be accompanied by vibrant music which will make this wacky expedition even more exciting.

Freaky Trip is available on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch console globally from October 6. Wishlist on Steam and Nintendo Switch today. So, get ready for an unique adventure of a lifetime – Freaky Trip is coming soon!

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