The Isle Tide Hotel

Wales Interactive cordially invites you for a stay in The Isle Tide Hotel, available NOW

Today, Wales Interactive brings us The Isle Tide Hotel, an interactive mystery movie that invites its viewers to embark on a transformational journey. The game follows an absent father’s struggle to rescue his teenage daughter from an eclectic cult.

With an aesthetic inspired by British Twin Peaks and Knives Out, players must make intricate decisions throughout the story in order to uncover the seven main endings and 14 outcomes.

To make The Isle Tide Hotel as engaging and immersive as possible, Wales Interactive has brought on board an impressive cast from movies such as Game of Thrones and Call the Midwife to voice the dynamic characters you will meet along the way.

The choices that you make during the game are extremely important, as each one will affect the story. Furthermore, hidden clues and ‘easter eggs’ are scattered throughout the game, encouraging players to be on the lookout if they are to stand a chance of uncovering the full narrative. Wales Interactive also implemented an in-game character and cult association tracker that will give you an idea of how your actions are impacting the story.

The Isle Tide Hotel celebrates the unique paths taken when dealing with family dynamics and serves as a reminder that every decision has a consequence. If you’re after a live-action gaming experience that rewards attentive players, The Isle Tide Hotel is for you.

If you would like to learn more about this game, Harry and Grace Chadwick of Interflix Media, creators of The Isle Tide Hotel, would be more than happy to answer questions and provide insight into the creation of the game.

This interactive movie, The Isle Tide Hotel, is ready to be explored and is Wales Interactive’s biggest project yet.

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