Ralph and the Blue Ball

Find all the dog’s toys in Ralph and the Blue Ball, a short pixel art hidden-objects game

A small tribute from a game developer to his beloved dog is coming to Nintendo Switch!

The announcement of Ralph and the Blue Ball is part of another initiative of the studio to support and highlight great indie games from other developers. On top of that, Mens Sana is releasing a series of interviews of Saulo and Felipe, so players can learn more about their game and their development journey, in this game creation process.

Indie game developer Mens Sana Interactive is giving Nintendo Switch players something to look forward to on September 1st, 2023, as they announce that Ralph and the Blue Ball, a short hidden objects game developed by Saulo Rosart of Cozy Village and originally released on Steam, is coming to the platform.

Created by game designer Saulo Rosart in tribute to his beloved dog Ralph, Ralph and the Blue Ball sees players scouring 8 different pixel-art environments for the dog’s toys, including his favorite blue ball. Saulo has praised artist Felipe Delbue for capturing Ralph’s essence in pixel-art form, while he has also thanked his wife Roberta Brandão for providing photos of Ralph and for testing the game.

Mens Sana Interactive has partnered with Cozy Village to bring Ralph and the Blue Ball to the Nintendo Switch. Along with technical adaptation for the console, Mens Sana has included features such as zooming of the camera in and out in portable mode, camera movement and additional feedback for players when finding objects and completing levels.

Mens Sana Interactive has been making a name for itself since 2019, when it began releasing its own logic puzzle games, word games and card games. The studio has an ethos of creating finely crafted and beautiful games that are designed to provide mental relief and moments of peace and relaxation. It also donates a portion of each sale to its favorite animal rescue groups.

The release of Ralph and the Blue Ball is also part of the studio’s initiative to support and highlight other indie games, with interviews of Saulo and Felipe planned, so players can learn more about the game and its development process.

Ralph and the Blue Ball is available now on Steam, and soon, Nintendo Switch players in the Americas, Europe and Australia will be able to enjoy the charming pixel-art, hidden objects game on their consoles. It promises to be a truly special tribute to Ralph the dog.

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