Bish Bash Bots

Overcooked Meets Brawling Tower Defense In Bish Bash Bots, Coming In 2023

Team up, build turrets and bash bots with your giant hammer as you defend against swarms of manic rogue robots

Firestoke and Catastrophic_Overload have announced the upcoming release of the chaotic tower defense game Bish Bash Bots. The game, available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, merges the “mayhem and madness of Overcooked” with a strategic tower defense game.

Supporting 1-4 players locally or online, Bish Bash Bots is set in a future where machines have stolen technology from humans and are turning it against them.

A team of unlikely heroes set out on an adventure to reset the rogue robots and save the world. With 8 vibrant and colourful biomes across 32 levels, players must contend with a variety of hazards such as turrets overheating in the Volcano biome or being snatched by mutant plants in the overgrown Jungle.

The game throws its own unique twist on the traditional tower defense genre by introducing new mechanics as the game progresses.

Players can build upgradable turrets, unlock gadgets and use giant hammers to bash bots. An array of turrets and gadgets will allow players to mix up their strategy as they come face to face with unique robots.

The launch of Bish Bash Bots is scheduled for late summer 2023, and Firestoke CEO Paul Farley is confident that it will be a success.

“It was one of the first games we signed when founding Firestoke and the partnership with the talented team at Catastrophic_Overload has been a lot of fun,” Farley said. “Their sense of fun and innovation definitely shines through with all that Bish Bash Bots has to offer!”

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