Days of Doom

Apocalyptic Mayhem is Unleashed in Days of Doom, a New Turn-based Tactical Roguelite from Atari

The Apocalypse Wasn’t the End of the World. Just the One We Knew.

Atari, the iconic consumer video game brand, has announced its latest title today: Days of Doom. Developed by Sneakybox, this turn-based tactical roguelite is set in a unique post-apocalyptic world and will be available later this year for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, X|S, and Atari VCS.

Days of Doom takes a unique approach to end times, sending players on an epic journey across a vibrant and eerie landscape.

Players must strategically maneuver through hordes of undead and other threatening adversaries, managing resources and utilizing each character’s unique abilities.

Eight character classes are available, with Pyro, Hydromancer, and Thrasher as the mainstays.

The procedurally generated landscape and unpredictable enemy encounters ensure no two runs will be the same.

Over 50 randomly occurring events, 70 items and runes, and two brutal boss fights add to the challenge, while an original orchestral soundtrack by Jelle Dittmar provides a fitting sonic backdrop.

For players looking for a unique experience in the post-apocalyptic genre, Days of Doom is sure to deliver an intense and engaging experience. Atari’s latest title launches later this year, so get ready to conquer the undead and mutated swarms in Days of Doom.

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