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Chaotically Consume All in Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot in 2023

Newest installment in the Despotism 3K, Despot’s Game: Dystopian Battle Simulator universe

Konfa Games and tinyBuild have announced that Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot, the rogue-lite battler starring a sentient slime monster, will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5|4, and PC via Steam later in 2023.

The Slime 3K: Rise Against Despotgame follows the story of evil artificial intelligence d’Spot, who attempted to mass produce artificial pink humans, only for their formula to accidentally mutate and become self-aware. Players take control of the now-intelligent slime jelly as it sets off on an indiscriminate warpath, battling previously led bare-bottom soldiers and d’Spot’s original cast of cyborgs, demons, and other unholy abominations.

Players must navigate a post-apocalyptic labyrinth, collecting interactive objects like sewer grates for quick movement, anomaly traps to prepare humans for consumption, and Tesla amplifiers granting electric abilities. Content can be unlocked between sessions and different playstyles can be experimented with to find alternative paths to victory.

The game features a visually striking world blending a retro pixel aesthetic with futuristic elements, while the soundtrack adds to the game’s futuristic tone.

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot is the next chapter in the Despotism universe, but with a brand new twist,” said Nikolay Kuznetsov, Game Creator, Konfa Games. “We wanted to add an alternative way to explore the world of d’Spot while implementing both new and familiar mechanics to reinvigorate a chaotically compelling gameplay experience.”

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot will support English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages.

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