Local News with Cliff Rockslide

Announcement of Local News with Cliff Rockslide for Nintendo Switch

Bonus Stage Publishing and Horsefly Games are delighted to announce the upcoming release of “Local News with Cliff Rockslide,” an innovative and humorous game combining elements of journalism and adventure. Set in the fictional Butterfly Valley, players will take on the role of cameraperson for the Valley’s sole news streamer, Cliff Rockslide, as they help him build his channel and become a household name.

The game features an entertaining and thought-provoking story written by professional comedy writers, focusing on cults, vegetables, and geometry. Players will control the broadcast with their camera like a weapon, learning to become successful journalists, media people, content creators, and influencers all in one package.

Gameplay in Local News with Cliff Rockslide is presented in a first-person style, with no combat but instead a variety of quick-time events and missions that focus on covering news events and reporting on the local community.

Local News with Cliff Rockslide is set to launch exclusively to Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2023, and promises to provide an exciting and unique experience for players. Get ready to enjoy the funniest journalism FPS you’ve ever played!

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