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Hamster Maze is now Hamster Playground

Hello there, we’re back with an update about Hamster Maze. Or to be precise, Hamster Playground.

Yup, we have changed the title of our game! “Why?”, you may ask. Well, we did it because we made the game even more appealing and attractive to the players, and we needed the title to reflect that. Hamster Maze was, in essence, a game about racing in the labyrinths, but we decided to expand the scope by adding more arenas and activities.

Five gameplay modes are going to be available upon launch, so Hamster Maze has been transformed into something much bigger and changed into a whole Playground.

The hamster house is still in the game – it’s still a core gameplay component which enables you to customise and train your hamsters, readying them to be pitted against their opponents.

We decided to reveal the rebranding now and use Steam Next Fest as an opportunity to let you take a peek behind the curtain – Hamster Playground Demo is available right now! You can give it a go, check out how the mazes work and have a taste of a brand new mode, drag racing on skateboards. Obviously, hamster house is in the demo as well, so have a look around, customise its looks – and while you’re at it, make sure to check out the dressing room and make your hamsters truly yours!

Unfortunately, there is a bit of bad news attached to all this shine and glory – adding new modes means that we need to postpone the launch. As of this moment there is no exact release date, but we’re planning to make the Hamster Playground game available in the third quarter of 2022.

Hamster Playground In essence:

  • The launch has been moved from Q1 to Q3 2022;
  • 5 game modes to enjoy at launch;
  • Compete against AI-driven hamsters as well as other players – both locally and online;
  • Customise your hamsters – over 100 cosmetic items available upon launch;

Hamster Playground is going to be available for PC and Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series S | X consoles.

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