Lumini, the flow based adventure nominated at IGF, out now on consoles!

Lumini, the flow based adventure nominated at IGF, out now on consoles!

The Netherlands, January 21th 2020 – 2Awesome Studio, in partnership with Netherlands based developer , Speelbars, today begins the release on consoles of the relaxing flow based adventure Lumini.  Out now Playstation 4, tomorrow on Xbox One, and Friday 24th on Nintendo Switch.

The game price is 9.99 €/$ and 8.39£, but if any user acquires it before the launch on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch the game will be 10% cheaper (8.99€/$ or 7.55£).

About Lumini

In Lumini the players take control of a swarm of the titular creatures – an ancient race that has been missing for thousands of years – and grow, evolve and keep the swarm safe during their challenging and perilous journey. Sail your Lumini through beautiful, time-worn landscapes, encounter mystical and bewildering creatures and solve ancient puzzles to discover why the Lumini vanished, while trying to restore peace and harmonic balance to their home planet.

Lumini Key Features:

  • A surprising and mysterious story about the Lumini and their home world
  • Experience a flow based game with controls and gameplay affordable for all type of players.
  • Solve puzzles dividing your Lumini swarm and controlling both groups simultaneously
  • Add unique species to your swarm with new abilities
  • The audio score is immersive and fully adaptive.
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