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LUCAH: BORN OF A DREAM brings a harrowing journey of self-discovery to Nintendo Switch

Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 3rd, Lucah: Born of a Dream is a cult-hit action game about finding yourself in nightmares.

Lucah: Born of a Dream transcends into a new paradigm for games by experimenting with a surreal style, smashing genre limits, and merging mechanics and message with an unapologetically queer narrative about growth and struggle told through beautiful, kinetic violence.

Released to unanimously positive Steam reviews in August 2018, Lucah: Born of a Dream ascends to Nintendo Switch this July.

Master a deep combat system that blends ranged- and melee-based styles with rich progression and customization. Explore an atmospheric hellscape of repressed memories and unspeakable feelings. Lay waste to the Nightmares in a kinetic flurry of beautiful violence to seize your salvation.

  •  Striking colors and evocative linework elicits an impressionistic sense of ambiguity and tension.
  •  Mix and match over ten different Attack Mantras to create an endless variety of unique combos.
  •  Befriend Familiars and use their ranged elemental magic to turn the course of battle.
  •  Personalize your character with Virtues like slow-motion dodges, stunning parries, or vampiric attacks.
  •  6-7 hour campaign thick with secrets, branching paths, and alternate play modes.
  •  A haunting electronic soundscape binds Lucah into a singular experience of self-discovery through struggle.
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