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Soap Dodgem is coming to Nintendo Switch on 15th of November

Lost Ducks would like to announce that their critically acclaimed puzzle game Soap Dodgem™ will hit the Nintendo eShop on November 15, 2018.

This sliding puzzle game will throw players in a bathroom universe where five soap heroes fight against stubborn mold creatures. It’s a challenging but charming adventure for puzzle lovers of all ages. It features:

  •  120 Campaign Levels
  •  6 diverse obstacles tied into the bathroom theme(surfing tile, magic drain, colored walls, brushes, etc)
  •  with HD Rumble players will feel what’s happening in the game
  •  An easy to use Level Editor from where players can share their creations to the game’s Cloud
  •  Play and like other people’s levels in the Cloud to push the ranks in the Weekly and Monthly Best Level Leaderboards

Soap Dodgem Tutorial

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