Welcome to the World of Despair!

Brain Meltdown – Into Despair Comes to Nintendo Switch!

The game publisher CFK announced that the new action title Brain Meltdown – Into Despair will be released on Nintendo Switch.

Brain Meltdown – Into Despair features a unique concept gameplay, which challenges players to clear various stages using two Joy-Cons simultaneously to control a pair of cute characters.

Currently under Early Access with very positive reviews, the game is notable for its delicate and charming hand-drawn style graphics, plus dramatic and immersive music. While players need to know only a few simple controls for the adventure, the game features stages filled with diverse gimmicks and puzzles.

Brain Meltdown – Into Despair, the unique double-action game, will have its Nintendo Switch release (DL Only) this October. The exact date will be announced soon.

Rift Adventure

Go on adventures to protect your village in the new Rift Adventure!

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Game Brew Studios, is pleased to announce our new brand game Rift Adventure that will be available Sept 16 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 / 5, Xbox One X|S and Steam Rift Adventure is a 2D platformer of action and adventure and RPG elements with retro pixel art style that seeks to educate and raise awareness of young people, teenagers and also homesick players about tax, tax education, citizenship and the cause and consequence of their actions. All this in a fantasy medieval universe where all characters are animalized. The protagonist is an adventurer who seeks treasure and excitement, but sees his best friend and adventure partner being possessed and kidnapped by a powerful and evil being from the underworld. Rift Adventure Features Different worlds for exploration; More than 20 levels with 8 different bosses; Beautiful retro graphics; Easy gameplay and controls; Amazing soundtrack;

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Alwa’s Collection Bundle

Alwa’s Collection bundles acclaimed retro platformers Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy

Alwa’s Legacy coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4, Alwa’s Awakening coming to… NES! Clear River Games and developer Elden Pixels have partnered together to bring the acclaimed retro metroidvania platformers Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the physical bundle Alwa’s Collection, that will be sold at retail later this year for $29.99 / €29.99 / £25.99. Alwa’s Collection standard edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4 will include three holographic stickers as bonus content. A special Limited Edition with the deluxe versions of soundtracks on USB, a game scene diorama, art cards with early concept art sketches, and a keychain, delivered in a hard embossed collector’s box that will be sold exclusively through Limited Run Games for $69.99. Additionally, Alwa’s Legacy will also be available as a standalone digital title on PS4, launching the same day as Alwa’s Collection. Find out why Nintendo Life called the Switch version “the special sort of game that only comes […]

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Earth Marines

Earth Marines is now Available for Pre-order on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4!

Here is another one zombie pandemic that must be stopped by you. Earth Marines is a new game by HugePixel and Diedemor Studio. It’s an action-packed run-and-gun shooter full of zombies and brutal gunfights. Special task force from Earth has to eradicate the zombie threat — that’s why they come heavily packed, but in a few numbers. Your main objective is to kill zombie hordes, wipe out infected areas and destroy the sources of deadly virus capable of reanimating dead people. Earth Marines shows great gameplay to the fans of old school shoot-em-ups with retro graphics and fluid gunplay. You will love smashing your way through dozens of different enemies as a brutal and unforgivable eradicator. Becoming Earth Marine means a big effort to act as a true zombie slayer. Are you up for a challenge? Earth Marines is releasing on Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S PlayStation 4/5 Nintendo Switch Pre-order […]

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Switch ColorsLive Screenshot 2

​​​​​​​Explore, Inspire and Create with Colors Live, Now Available in Stores for Nintendo Switch

The game includes the pressure sensitive Colors SonarPen for a natural painting experience Colors Live, the sequel to the critically acclaimed painting game Colors! 3D, is available at retailers worldwide exclusively on Nintendo Switch™. Published by Nighthawk Interactive and developed by Collecting Smiles, Colors Live is designed for beginners and master artists alike. The digital sketchbook is available in stores for $49.99 and includes the pressure sensitive Colors SonarPen that sets it apart from other coloring experiences. Based on modern painting techniques originally developed for professional drawing tablets, Colors Live is tailored for Nintendo Switch. It offers players a ton of flexibility to sketch, paint or draw in their very own portable art studio. The fan-favorite painting game includes: Colors SonarPen – A pressure-sensitive pen providing a natural painting experience with fully customizable stroke thickness and/or opacity. Colors Quest – Brand-new game mode challenging users to level up their skills by painting every day to a set theme while bound […]

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Switch YouTubersLife2 cover01

Youtubers Life 2 Confirms October 19 Digital Launch on Nintendo Switch, Consoles, & PC

Your New Life as an Acclaimed Content Creator Starts Now PewDiePie & Band of Other YouTubers Set to Pop Up in Play Plug in that microphone, sort out that lighting, fire up that camera: Raiser Games and UPLAY Online are both excited to announce their forthcoming ultimate life sim, Youtubers Life 2, will launch across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday 19th October, 2021. Following up the multi-million selling original Youtubers Life, the new game opens up its world to its players and lets them step out of the bedroom for the first time to explore ‘NewTube City’. But this brand new metropolis isn’t just a playground: Its streets will also serve as the player’s connection to the hot new trends they need to be making content about. Players will be able to hunt out the new trends other content creators are unaware of, making the most of their […]

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The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel will haunt consoles in December 2021

Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch physical editions open alongside Love Esquire on September 16th We’re proud to announce that Yangyang Mobile’s meticulously crafted thriller The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel will arrive on consoles this December, available digitally for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Physical editions of The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel for Nintendo Switch are also in the works, with pre-orders opening through Playasia at 11:00pm Hong Kong (11:00am ET / 4:00pm UK) this Thursday, September 16th alongside dating sim adventure Love Esquire, also from developer Yangyang Mobile. This marks the first time that Eastasiasoft Limited has opened pre-orders for two Nintendo Switch Limited Editions simultaneously. These will include the game, manual, soundtrack CD and numbered certificate in a collector’s box, each limited to 2000 units. Standard copies will also be available as open pre-orders. The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel will be published […]

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Chaotic couch showdown SpiderHeck announced for all platforms

Players can jump into the mayhem right now by joining the Steam PlayTest today Developer NeverJam was happy to announce their much-loved and hilarious physics-based couch brawler SpiderHeck is coming to all major platforms. As revealed during tinyBuild Connect, the Steam Playtest will also be launching today giving players a chance to dive in and try it out for themselves. As showcased in the new announcement trailer, SpiderHeck is a fast-paced brawler that launches up to four players into a ridiculous spider showdown. Armed with laser swords, grenades, and even rocket launchers players must navigate multiple platforms (and the dangerous lava) to web-sling their way to victory. Alternatively, players can choose to take on wave after wave of vicious wasps in endless co-op or single-player fun. This hardcore PVE mode features rogue-like gameplay with multiple monsters, unlockable perks and hours of ridiculously messy gameplay. SpiderHeck will be coming soon on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, but players can join […]

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Discover the exciting battles of DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET

In DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET, players will be able to fight with their favourite heroes from the iconic saga. The game offers fast paced, action-packed battles where all the techniques and signature special attacks of the Dragon Ball Z characters will be needed to win over all of your enemies.

Energy waves, light-fast sidesteps, multi hit combos and mid battle transformations will be the core of the battle experience, as you fight on land and in the sky using all of your tactics to be victorious!

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET for Nintendo Switch™ includes the full game as well as the two boss battle episodes “A New Power Awakens” Parts 1 and 2.

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET will be coming to the Americas, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 24th! Pre-orders for the game also include a new Sub Story titled “A Competitive Party with Friends”, early access to Bonyu’s training, a cooking item improving players’ stats as well as 10 D-Medals.


Razion EX gets a digital download release – coming in September 16th 2021

NGDEV, the indie game developer announces today that the former NEOGEO SHMUP/2D shooting game Razion EX is going to be in enhanced form available for the Nintendo Switch as digital download on the Nintendo eShop on September 16th. Please have a look at the trailer (International) RAZION EX is a horizontal 16 bit CGI shooting game upgraded with 32 bit effects. The score system is based on growing gold cubes and using the beam to freeze cubes. It has 3 game modes (NOVICE / NORMAL / MANIAC). Novice mode is significantly easier and will allow more people to enjoy the great graphics and music. RAZION EX Game features 6 stages with varied settings 6 huge end bosses 7 sub bosses 3 game modes Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics Horizontal shooting game 60 fps Changes for Nintendo Switch EX version: reworked game play re-balanced and reduced difficulty added bullet cancelling for certain enemies reworked […]

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