Mercyful Flames, a detective adventure RPG inspired by horror board games, is announced

Become an occultist inquisitor and embark on a witch hunt. Immerse yourself in this slow-paced yet thrilling study of human meanness. Mercyful Flames reveals the first trailer and comes to PC and Nintendo Switch™. The Dark Ages. A time in the history of the world we know little about due to a limited number of written sources that survived until our times. The picture that emerges from available sources, however, is far from idyllic. The collapse of the Roman empire started the overall, global, cultural downfall and the emergence of barbarian kingdoms. Some partial reports tell of disturbing cults, beliefs, and practices that would make your hair stand on end. Watch the Mercyful Flames announcement trailer HERE, and dive into this horrific world. ABOUT MERCYFUL FLAMES Welcome to the gloomy times where you’ll get the chance to become an occultist that, due to a quirk of malignant fate, becomes an inquisitor. The wrong person in […]

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Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

True Magic Awaits! Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Available Now Across North America

What Dark Secrets will Ryza Uncover in the 22nd Edition of the Beloved Atelier Franchise? Today, KOEI TECMO America and developer GUST Studios are proud to announce that Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is now available in North America for Nintendo Switch™, Windows PC via Steam®, PlayStation®4, and digitally on PlayStation®5*. The thrilling and emotional JRPG picks up three years after Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, as Ryza sets out in an all-new quest to discover the secrets behind the ancient ruins and the truth behind the lost legends. Joining Ryza on her journey is a host of new and old friends from the franchise, along with Ryza’s adorable and enigmatic new furry companion known as “Fi”. Adding to the fun and adventure, Ryza now has all new dynamic abilities to help her navigate across the deadly terrain, including the ability to swim underwater, […]

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Haven is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS 4 & Epic Games Store on February 4th

Does love really conquer all? The Game Bakers is delighted to announce that Haven, their adventure about love, freedom and rebellion, will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as well as on the Epic Game Store on February 4th. The game is already available on PC, PlayStation 5, XBOX Series and One. Haven has received fantastic feedback from the players and media and has been called a “stand out from every other sci-fi adventure” – IGN, “one of the best weavings of gameplay and story” – The Gamer, “a rare combination of intimacy, tenderness, humor, and fear all in one” – Screenrant, with “one of the best original soundtracks of the year” – NME. In Haven, play two lovers on the run, as they settle into an unknown world. Glide through a mysterious landscape, explore a fragmented world and fight against what’s trying to tear them apart. Enjoy moments of […]

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Sail Forth is coming to all consoles and Steam in 2021!

David Evans Games and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild are releasing Sail Forth, an adorable sailing adventure in 2021 to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam! Scheduling is now open for exclusive previews and interviews. AN ADVANCE NOTE In Sail Forth, the incoming high-seas adventure from David Evans Games / Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, you’ll take to the waves of a mysterious ocean world packed to brimming with roaring action, hilarious characters and near-endless opportunities to– CATCH A BELLOW INTO HIGH ADVENTURE! To waters! To daggerboard! To canister! To coast! You’ll captain a crew from bespoke ship to budding flotilla to gargant custom fleet in a campaign of discovery amok with ridiculous wildlife, exotic locales and a weirdly persistent pirate threat. Manage your armament, kit out your vesselry and make wild to waves with the best biffin’ deckhands and spinnaker riggers this way from anchor! While galavanting the Deepblue, you’ll often find […]

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Daily Rides Season 4: FURY RIDE

Tame the wasteland in Lonely Mountains: Downhill Daily Rides Season 4: FURY RIDE!

Oh what a day! What a lovely day! Thunderful Publishing & Megagon Industries have revealed that season 4 of the Daily Rides content for Lonely Mountains: Downhill is barreling down the mountain and into your game today! Lonely Mountains: Downhill Daily Rides Season 4: FURY RIDE lets players kick up some serious dirt with its gnarly post-apocalyptic theme. Lonely Mountains: Downhill and the Eldfjall Island DLC pack are available now on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC (Steam®). Players looking to take on the challenge in FURY RIDE can unlock some awesome new outfits for their rider and a rad new paint job for their bike. The Scavenger outfit will have you battle-ready, and perfectly complements the Scavenger bike paint job, it’s a mad combo that offers maximum style. Are you more the cautious type? The Hazmat outfit will protect you from anything out in the wilderness, except your own bike crashes. The Prepper […]

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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

Adventure-packed new Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World trailer & packshot reveal

New trailer, packshots, prices and release date ININ Games and STUDIOARTDINK are happy to present a new trailer for Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World and reveal the retail packshots for North America, Europe and Australia as well as to provide additional information about the limited and retail editions, their prices and release dates. New Trailer showing the adventure that awaits Asha & Pepelogoo: We are happy to announce the brand new trailer of Asha in Monster World showing unique characters, teamwork with Asha’s blue sidekick Pepelogoo and gimmick-filled stages. The trailer is packed with lots of content. Whether you’re a longstanding fan of the series or discovering Monster World anew, we hope you sense the beginning of an exciting adventure. Developed by the original members of Westone Bit The fully remastered version of Wonder Boy IV is led by none other than it’s creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa. Additionally, he […]

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Glyph press release released to warm up to coming press release!

A full Glyph Nintendo Switch Release Trailer was also Revealed To keep their new platform game, Glyph, in the consciousness of important journalist-people, Bolverk Games today issue a press release prior to another and more important press release coming at the end of next week. The latter announcing a so-called “Splash” when the immersive and versatile 3D open-world platformer, Glyph, is released to the all-important US-market on Feb. 1st. Many press release topics were considered prior to settling on the meta-angle. A tight contender was about how a superfan of the game has been awarded a custom made skin to use in the game. Though these announcements will surely be published at a later time, ultimately, the announcement announcing a coming announcement seemed more prudent, worthwhile, and frankly, important. Glyph launches for the Nintendo Switch on February 1st in the Americas. The next press release will likely be out on […]

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Redout: Space Assault

Redout: Space Assault Launches Today on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation4, & Xbox One

Take flight in the new arcade space shooter based in the award-winning Redout universe Italian developer 34BigThings is launching the arcade space shooter Redout: Space Assault today on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. A prequel to the award-winning futuristic racer Redout, the game will be available for $9.99/9,99 €. Redout: Space Assault builds on the series’ trademark lightning-fast action, high-skill gameplay and impressive visuals while adding new weapons and spaceflight mechanics. A deep single-player career mode filled with unique story missions ensures there’s tons of adrenaline-inducing space combat to go around. Take control of a Super Orbital Recon Fighter during the 2395 colonization of Mars. Shoot down Rebel drones and fighters, dodge enemy fire, and blast at breakneck speeds through exotic galactic locations. With fully customizable vehicles and weapon upgrades, you’ll have to outsmart, outmaneuver, overpower and outclass your opponents in the most exciting arcade space battle in the cosmos! […]

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Red Colony

Survive a zombie apocalypse while you get revenge on your cheating husband in Red Colony!

Red Colony, releasing today Jan 18th for the Nintendo switch, is a 2D Ecchi Horror Game filled with drama, mystery, zombies and gore. Help Maria find her daughter and get revenge on her cheating Husband, whilst uncovering the virus that has destroyed her beloved Colony. The Red Colony was supposed to save the human race, not end it. . . After a crazy scientist plays God and experiments with the colonists’ DNA, a deadly virus infects them and turns them into blood-thirsty zombies. Maria is trapped in the turmoil and desperately searches for her daughter in this Ecchi inspired Horror Game. However, the secrets she finds in her personal life and the colony means she will have to be the Hero and rid the colony of the wicked virus. Red Colony Features:-  2D side-scrolling horror action game Puzzles, scare scenes and little ammo Anime style graphics featuring an attractive female cast Homage […]

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Bonkies, a jolly, couch co-op party game with a pinch of construction building is set with the launch date sooner than you think

Pre-orders with a -20% discount became available on the 15th! Bonkies – the wholesome couch co-op, perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones, is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on January 29th! In these peculiar times, few things are as important as nurturing relationships with friends and family. Bonkies were made by a small, independent studio in Norway specifically to bring people together in joyful, cooperative challenges for up to 4 players. The game is packed with cute animals, brain-teasing missions and goofy mishaps, a perfect recipe for a peaceful evening with loved ones at home. And for all those socially distancing, who and can’t sit down on the same couch together – play online through Steam’s Remote Play Together on PC! Players will be able to secure a pre-order on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with a -20% discount starting as soon as January 15th 2021! […]

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