We are OFK


Join a budding LA band on their misadventures in music, plus exclusive goodies from iam8bit availible for pre-order now Time to get the show on the road! Indie-pop band OFK & team announced today that the interactive series We Are OFK will debut with Episode 1 & 2 on August 18 on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD. All five episodes of We Are OFK will be released weekly and with each episode, OFK and Sony Music Masterworks will release a brand-new single. The team is excited to provide a preview of the second song, “Fool’s Gold”, from OFK’s EP in today’s trailer. Pre-orders of the game, with a 10% off discount, are available today on Nintendo Switch. We Are OFK Full Schedule: Episode 1 & 2: August 18 Episode 3: August 25 Episode 4: September 1 Episode 5: September 8 “People keep comparing us to Gorillaz or K/DA which […]

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Endling - Extinction is Forever

Out now: Endling – Extinction is Forever!

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ANIMAL SURVIVAL GAME FINALLY RELEASES ON NINTENDO SWITCH, XBOX, PLAYSTATION, AND PC. ​International publisher and developer HandyGames lets the cat out of the bag. After a very long time of waiting for the game, featuring a desperate mother fox and her beautiful, cuddly, cute cubs, Endling – Extinction is Forever is finally here! You cannot save the planet alone but you can make a difference.So, if you want to go the extra mile and do your part, you can opt for our Save Our Planet Edition of Endling – Extinction is Forever. ​ ​The Save our Planet Edition contains (of course) Endling – Extinction is Forever as well as the official Soundtrack and the Wallpaper Pack. It is a great way to get the most out of the game, while simultaneously supporting a good cause. HandyGames will plant one tree via OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, for every […]

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Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Gettin’ Squishy With It, Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles Out Now

Bioluminescent puzzle-platformer bounces on to consoles and PC; poetic new launch trailer illuminates the events of the game Publisher Wired Productions and developer Luminawesome Games Ltd. are thrilled to announce that beautiful 3D puzzle platformer Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Utomik. A vibrant and poetic new launch trailer details Lumote’s epic adventure as it takes on a quest like never before to overthrow the mighty Mastermote. Introducing more of the world’s inhabitants found deep within The Great Depths, the lullaby-like trailer features all-new gameplay as Lumote solves the intricate puzzles found throughout its monumental journey. Watch the launch trailer here. Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles sees players squish, bop and bounce through the Great Depths – an aquatic world filled with Motes; bioluminescent creatures who spend their lives deep in the Bioverse, living on the rhythms of an […]

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Bonito Days

BONITO DAYS Launches for Nintendo Switch Next Week

City-Pop Tunes and Lazy Summer Afternoons – BONITO DAYS Launches for Nintendo Switch on 14 October Independent developer Studio Somewhere is happy to announce Bonito Days, launching for Nintendo Switch on 14 October. Developed by Cameron Shackleton (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Disney Infinity) and artist Adam Westerman, Bonito Days transports players to a world of lazy summer days and less stressful times, alone or with up to four players. Take to the skies and glide your flying fish through more than 20 sun-kissed stages including the beaches of Temaki Sands and the glistening ice caps of Narwhal Station. Play ‘Target Test’ and land your fish on their distant goal, or ‘Sweet Rush’, where players will soar through the skies, collecting sweets and discovering hidden paths while chilling to a selection of forgotten Japanese city-pop classics. Experience chill summer vibes, relax to a classic City Pop soundtrack, and soar through sun-filled skies with friends when Bonito Days […]

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Wanna Hear a Story About Loss and Resentment all the way from Mars? | Golf Club: Wasteland Story Trailer Released

Get a taste of the ominously chill and questionably cheerful free soundtrack with two animated music videos

In-between irradiated cows on the fairways and the dilapidated subway station tee-offs, Golf Club: Wasteland is a game about stories. Sure, big issue topics such as climate disaster, questioning Silicon Valley culture, and wealth inequality are touched upon. But there are also more personal tales from the few people still alive on Mars. Ones about loss, nostalgia and loneliness to name a few.

A new Golf Club: Wasteland story trailer visualizes one such possible story players will hear – one of resentment or even survivor’s guilt. All wrapped around reminiscing about something as mundane as the smells she will never experience ever again.

A Taste of the Tunes to Come

Demagog Studio have also put together two animated music videos to give people a taste of the chill tunes that will keep players company as they putt around the remains of humanity.

The full 2-hour soundtrack will be available as a free digital download with every copy of the game. On top of the soundtrack, players will also get a free 55 page digital graphic novel – Charlie’s Odyssey – that delves into the full story of the game’s hero Charlie. Why exactly did the enigmatic and now disillusioned astronaut turn his back on the Mars colony project so quickly?

Golf Club: Wasteland is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 3rd, 2021


Haven Limited Run Editions now available for pre-order

Yu and Kay’s adventures are getting a physical release for Switch, PS4 & PS5, both in Classic and Collector Editions. The Game Bakers is thrilled to announce the physical editions of Haven, their romantic space adventure, are now available for pre-order. The indie game studio partnered with Limited Run Games to offer physical versions of the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5. The Haven Collector’s Editions are available for all platforms for 74.99$ and include: Haven Collector’s Edition Box Haven for the chosen platform Haven Soundtrack by Danger on CD Original art by Yukio Takatsu in 18″ x 24″ (45 x 60 cm) Yu’s Ribbon & Kay’s Necklace replicas Wooden pin of Oink The Haven Classic Editions are available for 39.99$. “Physical edition versions had been a recurrent demand from the game fans, and we’re happy to have partnered with Limited Run Game to create them. We tried to give them a little extra […]

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Carrion Key Art


Soundtrack releases July 23rd – Pre-save here. Award-winning composer Cris Velasco (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Bloodborne, Darksiders) partners with Materia Collective to release the original soundtrack to Phobia Game Studio’s CARRION. Published by Devolver Digital, the game is a subversion of the sci-fi/horror genre, putting the player in control not of the human survivors but rather of the monster attacking their facility. Velasco’s 25-track album captures CARRION’s creeping dread and otherworldly terror with darkly atmospheric music punctuated by moments of violent intensity. CARRION and its soundtrack release on July 23rd but you can now pre-save the album at https://materia.to/carrion. “The score to CARRION is unlike anything I’ve written before,” says Cris Velasco. “While there are still melodic moments of grandeur and even beauty, the majority of the score is quite dystopian. You play as the monster in this reverse horror game. No one gets out alive, and the music won’t let you […]

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No Straight Roads

Let’s Rock! No Straight Roads Launches August 25, Demo & mini-OST Available Today

Rock out with the playable demo, available now on the Epic Games Store. Let’s rocketok! Sold Out and Metronomik are delighted to announce that rhythm-infused action-adventure No Straight Roads will release on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch™, and PC via the Epic Games Store on August 25. The rockin’ action-adventure will be available digitally on all platforms, and physically on PS4 and Xbox One, including an awesome Collector’s Edition packed with exclusive items. The physical Nintendo Switch version and physical Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition will follow shortly after. As a surprise for fans looking to rock out with Bunk Bed Junction today, a playable demo is now available to download from the Epic Games Store, introducing Mayday & Zuke as they lead the musical revolution against corrupt EDM empire NSR. Plus, a mini-OST containing a selection of tracks from the game’s soundtrack is now […]

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Mortal Kombat 11 (Original Game Soundtrack)

The Music of Mortal Kombat 11 (Original Game Soundtrack) Available Now via Digital Retailers & Streaming Platforms

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios today released the Mortal Kombat 11 (Original Game Soundtrack). Fresh off the most successful launch in franchise history, award-winning composer Wilbert Roget, II and the Mortal Kombat 11 music team have carefully created this selection of original music to seamlessly transport listeners back into the game’s bone-crushing fighting and cinematic story mode. This original soundtrack captures the drama, grandeur and heart of Mortal Kombat 11 as Raiden and his allies face Kronika in the final battle for control of time and fate. With an assortment of tracks that combine the warmth of traditional folk instruments, cutting edge electronica and the power of a modern orchestra, the music of Mortal Kombat 11 takes players on an emotional journey as they continue the epic saga that is more than 25 years in the making. The Mortal Kombat 11 (Original Game Soundtrack) is available now digitally via online retailers and streaming services in conjunction with Warner Bros.’ WaterTower […]

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GRIS physical editions and vinyl soundtrack

Special Reserve Games and iam8bit announce exclusive GRIS physical editions and vinyl soundtrack

GRIS physical editions for Nintendo Switch and limited edition vinyl soundtrack available for pre-order June 25 Los Angeles, CA – June 24, 2019 – Special Reserve Games and iam8bit today announced the Nintendo Switch physical editions and limited edition vinyl soundtrack for GRIS, the critically-acclaimed platform-adventure game by Spanish independent developer Nomada Studio published by Devolver Digital. Pre-orders will open for the various exclusive GRIS Nintendo Switch physical editions on SpecialReserveGames.com and for the GRIS limited edition vinyl soundtrack on iam8bit.com on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 10 a.m. PDT. GRIS Physical Edition (Nintendo Switch): http://www.specialreservegames.com GRIS Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack: https://store.iam8bit.com/products/gris-2xlp-vinyl-soundtrack Special Reserve Games will be releasing several exclusive physical editions for GRIS including a standalone Nintendo Switch game ($34.99); a standalone GRIS Art Book <Hardcover 12”x14” – 176 pages> ($59.99); an art book bundle with the game ($79.99); as well as the GRIS Signature Edition ($249.99) that includes the game, […]

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