Switch PowerA KirbyCaseAndControllerCombo 01

Celebrate 30 years of Kirby with PowerA’s brand new case and controller combo

Fans of the franchise can now save the kidnapped Waddle Dees in style with new Kirby-themed designs PowerA, a global leader in video gaming accessories, has unveiled a brand new controller and case combo inspired by Kirby’s 30th anniversary. The Kirby-themed Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is now available for purchase in the UK and the US, and the matching Protection Case for Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is set to become available in July. Looking as mouthwatering as candy, the officially licensed Kirby-themed Enhanced Wired Controller takes influence from the adorable protagonist’s character design, with his signature pink color having a prominent focus. Just like other Enhanced Wired Controllers within PowerA’s catalog, the Kirby variant is equipped with Mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons to help players swallow up the competition, and its lengthy detachable 10ft USB Cable allows players to game from a comfortable distance. The officially licensed […]

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MULTI:PLAYCON Controller for Nintendo Switch

snakebyte Unleashes the Power of Multi-Player: Announcing Shipping of the MULTI:PLAYCON Controller for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Schwerte, 08.01.2019 – snakebyte announced today the shipping of the MULTI:PLAYCON™ controllers for use with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, a new way to enjoy multi-player gaming on Switch and designed for sustained gaming sessions. An ideal alternative to the standard Joy-Con™ controllers, the MULTI:PLAYCON™ is available as a set with two pieces, coming in eye-catching colours of blue/orange or black/grey for 34.99€. The MULTI:PLAYCON™ is shipping now from leading game retail stores, and also available via the new online shop: mysnakebyte.com. The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are notorious for endless local multi-player experiences, games made all the better when more players are participating. The new MULTI:PLAYCON™ controllers have been designed with localised multi-play in mind and have been specially developed for multiplayer games. Notably larger in size for a more comfortable gaming experience, the MULTI:PLAYCON™ is built to last and produces less fatigue when taking part in […]

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Wired Smash Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch

GameCube Inspired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Coming Soon!

Gear up for battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch with PDP’s brand new Wired Smash Pad Pro! Team up with your favorite character and challenge your rivals with this GameCube inspired Pro Controller. One of the coolest features is the ability to customize your gaming style by playing with the traditional C-Stick or swapping it out for a full-size stick. The innovative detachable stick design lets you experience the original GameCube style of play! PDP wired controller ensures you stay connected during crucial moments and the 10 foot USB cable gives you plenty of room to get comfortable. There are multiple colored styles for these Smash Pad Pro controllers, depending who your favorite Nintendo character is. You can choose from Link, Mario, or Pikachu. Each controller is styled in that character’s color and logo, giving you a great way of showing off your Nintendo fandom. PDP Wired Smash […]

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