Switch PowerA KirbyCaseAndControllerCombo 01

Celebrate 30 years of Kirby with PowerA’s brand new case and controller combo

Fans of the franchise can now save the kidnapped Waddle Dees in style with new Kirby-themed designs PowerA, a global leader in video gaming accessories, has unveiled a brand new controller and case combo inspired by Kirby’s 30th anniversary. The Kirby-themed Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is now available for purchase in the UK and the US, and the matching Protection Case for Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is set to become available in July. Looking as mouthwatering as candy, the officially licensed Kirby-themed Enhanced Wired Controller takes influence from the adorable protagonist’s character design, with his signature pink color having a prominent focus. Just like other Enhanced Wired Controllers within PowerA’s catalog, the Kirby variant is equipped with Mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons to help players swallow up the competition, and its lengthy detachable 10ft USB Cable allows players to game from a comfortable distance. The officially licensed […]

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