Hello hello.. :D

So it has been a long time, to long.. :รพ

Anyway what is new with me is that I got photoshop at the end of the summer, I've been working on my graphics in my spear time, I've have not watched Bleach and Naruto for a really long time seeing I always decide to make banners instead of watching those... I think I'm ok at graphics but there are probably some people out there that can disagree with me, and I probably won't argue with them, unless the person can't do squat at graphics... :3

Anyway PC has been really fun these past week, I've gotten to know some awesome people, such as Gummy, Nica, Lady Gaga, Miranda the list just goes on.. :3

I've also been made the hostess of Signature of the Week on PC, and I can say for sure that I'll stay as the hostess until 100, unless I lose the job.. :3

Anyway my older sister came by tonight, she's hasn't slept all night she's been having nervous episodes and has been sick all night, my mom took her to the hospital, so I guess I'm waiting for my mom to come back.. :3

I'm just sitting her eating candy.. :3

Also I found someone willing to help me get my long wanted website.. It's gonna be all about graphics.. So hopefully I'll be good before I get it up, which should be in a month or more so that I can help people as much as I can.. I also hope some people will be willing to help me make it... Also if anyone sees this and wants to help me out on the site, that person is more then welcome to do so....

Anyay the forum pkmnhof changed their name to pokemonmysidia.com/forum after 3 forums merged, so one can say that the forum is really active now, not as active as PC but if 50 peoples online daily isn't active then I don't know what it... I can say for sure that I got really lucky, I was A-Admin on the old forum so I was allowed to keep my position on there... So I A-Admin on a semi- active forum, yay me... :3

Anyway here is my first banner tutorial.. I hope it will be useful for you guys.. :3

Ok so here is a banner I made a tut for... :3

Banner tut part 1
Banner tut part 2

Family Reunion

Well, it's June and I'm going to my first family reunion ever.

Seeing my Father didn't want me to go to his reunion which is a annual thing, he said when I was old enough to drink I could go to the reunion, plus I don't really care much for that side of the family.

Anyway for the first time my Mom's side is throwing one, it's my granddads family, aka all the children that came from his mom....

And the town has been filling with relatives, they are over 100 at the moment and so I have been trying to finish all the projects for summer school so that I can participate in that event...

Anyway summer school is finished next week so I'll blog more after that.

Anyway I really have to go now.

PS. I got promoted to A-Admin on PD. Yay!

Pokemondaisuki.com Steve should know that place, the rest of you should get to know it. lol :D

Your Sincerely XOXO Angela.....

Failed Math, Summer School and Some Evil Doing

Well, I've been busy with exams, have one left on Monday, I failed Math so I have to take summer school. ;;

Well anyway remember when I talked about the rude admin, well he got promoted on a forum my friend has, the forum crashed for a week, but then got restored, well he thought the admin had forgotten about the place and tried to claim total power, well he now is demoted do to popular demand. xD

Well I'm now a mod on forum.cavernofmew.com I'm the mod of the art section, my dream job on every forum, s-mod sounds good but mod over the art section is better, it just gives one more class, it's way better then:

Person 1: What do you mod.
Person 2: I mod the Feedback section.
Person 1: I see, do you have any special skills?
Person 2: No I don't, what do you mod?
Person 1: I mod the Art section.... *Facepalm*

Anyway, this is all for now, so. ;)

XOXO Your's Sincerely Angela

I'm bad?

Well in my last post you saw I was helping people, well the member giving me trouble has now started acting up on PC.

Anyway I was made A-Admin on HoF and I gave the forum a make over, I'm currently working on a style on there, I've yet to set up the rules and infraction system, anyway that guy called Spey, he got demoted, then he just would not stop breaking the rules and blaming me for his promotion, so he got banned, he got over 30 infraction points.

Anyway day before his demotion he got a staff on a forum of a friend of mine, he banned me for joining, so my friend unbanned me, since the were 2 owners of the forum she could not demote him, so he tried to IP ban me and the owner of HoF, did not work out so he was about to be kicked off the staff or some, but that forum crashed, illegal I think, anyway now he's begging CP one of the admins on PD for money, he wants CP to buy him a vb forum, and he's doing it on PC, fancy that!

Well he's just blaming me for everything gone wrong, but I cant help it that I didn't do a thing to him.

Anyway the exams have begun, when I came home today I was a bit shocked, I'm not sure I passed my 1st exam, usually one has to get 45% of the test to pass, but I had such a bad teachers grade that I had to get 60%, I'm not sure I was able to do that. Next exam is tomorrow and it's an English exam so I might do good.

I have 7 days to make an essay to maybe win a free trip to N.Y,,, I'm so gonna make one. Lol

Signed sealed and delivered....

XOXO Angela.

Me, Helping People

Listen, I joined a forum, and got a vm from the admin, I talked to him, he knew me by reputation (thank you PC and PD), since I'm the Staff Mod (Head off the mods on PD) I got promoted to that rank on there, I make suggestions, and one of the sub admins starts giving me trouble, then I get promoted, PM the admin on the changes I want to make, I remove the rules the sub mod made (All by himself, members complained about the rules), that member goes ballistic and wants me to PM him when ever I use the admin CP, I say no, so edit the structure of the forums, he sees what I'm doing and wants to do a whole other thing, I say no as I was assigned and hired to do that, that mod then throws a tantrum and says I should approve of his idea or he'll throw a tantrum and I'd pay for what I did, well, I didn't listen to him, so I don't know why, he starts closing threads randomly, I ask him to stop it and unlock the threads and delete he messages. Well he just redoes the whole thing and makes a post, saying if I ever delete a post made by him ever again he'll make me pay and have me off the forum, then I pm the admin, and tell him the sub mod is in the way off me finishing my work, he tells me he's sent him many pm's stating he's not the head of me and that I was hired to help.

Well I'll keep you updated people, right now I'm trying to create a style, any tip is appreciated.

msn: [email protected] aim: angela1992123

XOXO, your sincerely, Angela.

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