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CFK introduces the three heroines and key features of the Some Some Convenience Store Nintendo Switch edition!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Some Some Convenience Store, the highly anticipated game that will soon be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on July 25th (Thursday)! Developed by TalesShop and published by CFK, the game combines store management and relationship simulation for a unique and engaging gaming experience.

To give players a taste of what’s to come, CFK has unveiled a new trailer and official website for Some Some Convenience Store, providing all the necessary information for fans of the genre. And the best part? The downloadable version of the game will be available for players in both North America and Europe through the Nintendo eShop store page!

But what sets Some Some Convenience Store apart from other games in the market? For starters, players will take on the role of a protagonist who must manage a convenience store while also navigating new relationships. The game has been praised for its compelling story and charming characters, making it a must-play for any avid gamer.

Speaking of characters, let’s take a closer look at the three main heroines of Some Some Convenience Store. First up is a younger woman looking for a part-time job, followed by a foreign girl with dreams of becoming a singer, and lastly, a tough bodyguard. Each with their own unique personalities and backgrounds, players will have the opportunity to form relationships with these three intriguing ladies. But who will you ultimately choose?

Introducing the three heroines of Some Some Convenience Store:

Soo-hee Pyeon

Soo-hee Pyeon
Voice actresses Misaki Kono (河野みさき), Chae-ha Kim
Sex Female
Theme song If There Is a Correct Answer to Love
Job Part-time Convenience Store Worker
Age 20
Likes Games, streaming

The main heroine in Some Some Convenience Store. She’s a part-timer working under the protagonist and one year his junior. She’s kind and pure at heart, but due to her tender side, she’s overly considerate of others and easily hurt. Because of this, there are certain cases where she avoids interactions she thinks might stress her out.

Soo-hee Pyeon

Soo-hee Pyeon

Her goal wasn’t to work at a convenience store, instead choosing the job because the location put her close to her friends’ workplaces, so she could see both Adela and Yena more often. She tends to rely on her friends quite a lot, and as such, she also tends to nag (affectionately?) at said friends.

Before coming to work at the convenience store, she was your typical homebody, and she loves sweet desserts.

Adela (Adela Prohaska)

Adela (Adela Prohaska)  Voice actresses Risa Kageyama (景山梨彩), Mi Jang
Sex Female
Theme song Alive on Live
Job K-pop idol trainee
Age 21
Likes K-pop

One of the heroines in Some Some Convenience Store. She’s the same age as the protagonist at twenty-one years old. She’s a blond-haired, purple-eyed idol trainee who joined the Seven Stars entertainment company in hopes of becoming a singer. She came to Korea from abroad when she was fourteen and now lives with her older sister who works at a Korean company.

Adela (Adela Prohaska) 

Adela (Adela Prohaska)

She came to Korea at a relatively young age, but her being a foreigner has led to her unique way of speaking where she mixes Korean and English. Due to her lighthearted way of speaking and outlook on life, one would expect her to be rather one-dimensional, but she’s surprisingly deep under all those layers. She’s also quick to pick up on situations with her keen eye.

Her status as a trainee means she frequently eats diet food, though it’s not because she likes it.

Yena Bang

Yena Bang Voice actresses Aino Shimada (島田愛野), Myeong-ho Lee
Sex Female
Theme song A Story in My Heart
Job Private bodyguard
Age 22
Likes Booze, spicy food

The only heroine of Some Some Convenience Store who’s older than our protagonist. This private bodyguard sports brown hair and hazel eyes. She was the ace on her team in track and field back in high school, but due to a series of unfortunate events, she found herself increasingly isolated. Due to this, she’s not great at trusting people, and she’s slow to open up to others.

Yena Bang

Yena Bang

Soohee and Adela are her only friends, sticking at her side for some reason unknown to her. Even after giving up on her university dreams and becoming a bodyguard, Yena Bang’s friendship with the two of them continued.

She loves relieving the tension she gets at her job with a stiff drink or two. She may have a bit of a drinking problem.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. CFK has announced that they will be releasing downloadable content in the form of “After Story” DLC packages. These additional stories will further expand on the game’s plot and will be released monthly starting in August.

Each story will focus on one of the heroines, with Adela After Story coming out on August 25th, followed by Yena After Story on September 25th, and Soohee After Story on October 25th.

Some Some Convenience Store has captured the hearts of many with its charming design and thrilling story. And now, with its release on the Nintendo Switch, players can experience the game in a whole new way. Get ready to dive into the world of Some Some Convenience Store, where love can bloom at the most unexpected places – like a convenience store!

So mark your calendars for July 25th (Thursday) and get ready to embark on a journey filled with store management, relationships, and love. Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting game, available for download on the Nintendo eShop.

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