A Street Cat's Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous

Global release of A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous set for June 27th!

CFK opens the Nintendo eShop page ahead of the June 27th global release

CFK, a global game publisher, has recently announced the opening of their Nintendo eShop page for the much-anticipated sequel to the popular adventure franchise, A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous. Gamers around the world can expect to get their hands on this game on June 27th (Thursday) as it releases on the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by the Korean indie game company Ppiyo Studio, A Street Cat’s Tale and its sequel, A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous, tells the poignant stories of alley cats and house cats. These games shed light on the struggles and hardships faced by these felines, abandoned by their owners and ignored by society, as they navigate through a world that seems to lack any sense of responsibility towards their plight.

While the first game in the series focused on the journey of a street cat, A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous follows the story of a house cat named Cinnamon, who suddenly finds himself on the streets, far from the comforts of his former life. In this new spinoff, players will experience the harsh realities that Cinnamon has to face, including being targeted by cat food terrorists and witnessing strange cats abducting kittens from their homes.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous will be available exclusively as a digital download for the Nintendo Switch. With its release, the game is expected to reach a larger audience, following its successful launch on Steam.

The game’s synopsis revolves around Cinnamon’s journey to return home safely after going out to chase a butterfly that flies into his home. However, he soon realizes that the outside world is not what he had imagined. He faces numerous challenges, from being looked down upon by strangers for no reason to encountering dangerous situations that put his life in danger.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous key features:

1) Explore the various settings and survive
The house cat Cinnamon opens his eyes to find himself in a place he’s never been in his whole life and must journey through this unfamiliar outside world in search of his home.

Cinnamon slowly expands his search to include restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, pubs, stationary stores, and other shops, all to complete quests, track down items NPCs will love, and more. Of course, this kitty must also survive, so he’ll need to secure a few food sources during his exploration.

2) Information gathering, improved puzzles / Adventure game elements
In the situation where he finds himself, with everything unfamiliar to him, Cinnamon must explore these wide maps, including markets, bustling streets, parks, residential areas, and more in search of all sorts of information.

In particular, A Street Cat’s Tale 2 builds upon the Sokoban puzzles and story melded together with the adventure elements that A Street Cat’s Tale introduced before, providing a richer experience to gamers.

3) Conversations, quests, and even endings change depending on NPC favor
The favor system of the previous entry into the series has been carried over into A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous.

In this game as well, if players find and gift items to in-game NPCs that they’ll like, players will build favor with them and find them responding differently. As this favor increases, players will be able to follow sidequests that tell the stories of each NPC.

Depending on the favor gained and stories heard from different NPCs, players will find themselves facing different endings. Will they be able to reach an ending opposed to a kitty’s life on the streets…?

In addition, there’s a hidden ending included in A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous that can only be unlocked by viewing all of the endings in the first A Street Cat’s Tale, connecting with the previous game and further enhancing the immersion of the story.

Main characters #animals


Cinnamon: The pet kitten that Hazel has raised and given a home. One day, he’s lured out into the world by a pretty yellow butterfly and sent on a journey to find his way home.


Marshall: A male Koshot (Korean short hair) cat with black fur and pumpkin-colored eyes. A relatively young cat at five months old, the sobbing Marshall was found and raised by Nero after Marshall lost his mother when he was just a baby.

Marshall calls Nero the boss and follows him relentlessly. Though Nero would never admit it, he adores and cares for the little guy. Without his mother and with the brusk Nero in her place, Marshall isn’t very good at expressing his emotions; but with the new addition of a cat his age (Cinnamon) to his group, he works hard to provide for his new friend. He wishes to succeed Nero as the boss of the alley.


Nero: As the alpha of the area, other cats call this male cat boss or captain.

Since he has no mate, Nero has a weak spot for female cats. He’s rather blunt, but he does more than any other cat to care for the weak and help the cats who lack the prowess to hunt properly. Though they live in the back alleys of the market, Nero believes that cats can live side-by-side with humans and that not stealing from people is one way they (the cats) can live longer lives.


Tama: A hostile male hiding his dark inner thoughts. At one time, he was a companion of Nero, living in the same hideout, but he grew dissatisfied with the increasing number of fellow cats.\

He thought that finding food would be easier in the market, but with the ban on stealing and Nero’s insistence on looking after the weak and bringing in all these useless mouths to feed, he grew to detest Nero. In the end, his views of the strong surviving led him to leave the group.

Since it’s so hard to find a good spot with ample food like the market, he’s always on the lookout for a chance to steal Nero’s hideout from him.

Main characters #humans


Hazel: The protagonist Cinnamon’s timid owner. After Cinnamon’s disappearance from home, she musters up enough courage for the first time to meet with a number of people in order to find her kitty.

One of the people she meets is Sig, someone able to help her out. With the rumors of the rise of cat abuse around the city, Hazel worries that something bad might happen to Cinnamon.


Sig: A new hire at Sugar Bistro. He’s a young man that many would think to be a hooligan from all the piercings and tattoos. Since he’s not one to back down when he notices injustice, his personality finds him in frequent fights.

Coincidence led him to try a bite of Sugar Bistro’s apple cinnamon pie, and he immediately fell in love with the flavor. After that, he pestered Sullivan every day to get the man to take him under his wing. Currently, he’s working as a low-level employee at Sugar Bistro.


Sullivan: The owner of Sugar Bistro cafe and a man who has an unfathomable soft spot for animals. He carries the mindset that he shouldn’t carelessly neglect training both body and mind in the pursuit of crafting his beautiful desserts.

Unlike what his rather frightening appearance may suggest, he loves animals, making and selling desserts for pets as well. As such, many of the customers who frequent Sugar Bistro are also pet owners. However, he’s still known for his gruff manner.


Dana: A rescuer of abandoned cats. Alongside Ray, she works tirelessly to capture stray cats, provide them with a temporary shelter, and then find them a good forever home.

These days, she’s been quickening her cat hunt and capture operations, recently rescuing an orange feline that was injured. During her hunt, she meets Hazel, who’s on her own hunt for Cinnamon.A Street Cat's Tale - Special NekoNeko acrylic keychain

In addition to the release of A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous, gamers can also enjoy the physical compilation package, A Street Cat’s Tale: NekoNeko Edition for the Nintendo Switch. This package includes both A Street Cat’s Tale and A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous in one physical copy. Pre-orders for this edition have been booming since May 17th and will be distributed by H2 Interactive in Korea and the rest of Asia.

In addition, those who pre-order the NekoNeko Edition will also receive a special NekoNeko acrylic keychain featuring the image of a cute kitty sprawled out in a box.

Fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the release of A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous on June 27th, along with the NekoNeko Edition. With its emotional storytelling and unique gameplay, this game is expected to capture the hearts of players all around the world.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Cinnamon the cat.

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