Fit My Zoo

Fit My Zoo – funny arcade game coming on the 14th of June

Anyone down for a spot on the floatie?

RedDeer.Games, the renowned developer and publisher that specializes in games for Nintendo Switch, has recently announced the release date of their highly anticipated puzzle game – Fit My Zoo. The game is all set to hit the shelves on June 14th, much to the delight of Nintendo Switch players.

In Fit My Zoo, players will have the chance to go on holiday with a couple of wacky animals. These animals, like many of their real-life counterparts, love to squeeze themselves into any space they can find. From cardboard boxes to kitchen pots, these creatures have a knack for fitting into the most unlikely of places. And now, in Fit My Zoo, they have set their sights on a pool floatie.

The game is set in a luxurious hotel with an exterior pool – a dream destination for most. However, the holiday turns into a hilarious crisis when it is discovered that there is only one floatie for all the animals to use. The players’ task is to help the animals squeeze onto the floatie and make the most of their holiday.

Fit My Zoo boasts 96 challenging levels and 28 unique animals to sort. Each animal has its own quirks and tricks that make fitting them onto the floatie a challenging yet entertaining task. From giraffes and hippos to chameleons and sloths, players will encounter animals of all shapes and sizes, each with their own personality and charm. The colorful, hand-drawn characters and the relaxed vibe of the game will transport players to their own dream vacation.

The key to success in Fit My Zoo lies in strategic placement and a bit of creativity. Players can pick up each animal and rotate them to fit them perfectly on the floatie, just like fitting the pieces of a puzzle. It may feel like herding cats at times, especially with the sly lion, but with a little patience and perseverance, anything is possible in this charming game.

Fit My Zoo will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch consoles from June 14th. This highly addictive game promises hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages. So mark your calendars, and get ready to join the fun-loving animals on their dream holiday.

For more exciting updates on RedDeer.Games and their upcoming projects, be sure to visit their official website. Stay tuned for more news and updates on their latest games.

Get ready to fit on a floatie with some wacky and lovable animals, and embark on a virtual holiday like no other.

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