Brain Show

It’s time for Brain Show! New quiz-party game coming soon

Are you looking for a way to liven up your next gathering with friends or family? Brain Show, a new quiz and party game releasing June 7th on PC and Nintendo Switch, may be exactly what you need!

Developed by Polish independent studio Simplicity Games, Brain Show offers 13 different game modes and more than 5,000 questions in 41 thematic categories, making it the perfect game for both diversifying parties and testing your knowledge.

From Race Against Time, which awards the player with the fastest correct answer, to High Stakes, which is based on players betting their points, Brain Show has something for everyone. Questions in the game vary and cover topics such as movies, games, music, fairy tales, internet, politics, computer science, animals, literature, and culinary.

The game can be enjoyed with as many as 8 players simultaneously, both in local-multiplayer as well as in internet-multiplayer using the Remote Play Together feature.

Brain Show is available in two language versions (English and Polish) with full voiceover in each language. Questions in each version also include local and language zone-specific issues.

Simplicity Games CEO Tomasz Dyrak believes the game “is great for both diversifying parties and various gatherings with friends and family” as “it provides great excitement and fun, and by the way, you can also expand your knowledge on various topics”.

So if you’re looking to put your knowledge to the test while enjoying a night among family and friends, Brain Show is a great way to do so. The game is available June 7th on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, so make sure to check it out today!

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