Hauma - A Detective Noir Story

Noir Investigative Mystery Themes and Comic Book Aesthetics Collide in Hauma – A Detective Noir Story, Coming Later This Year

Step Into the Shoes of Judith, a Former Detective, as She Uncovers a Thousand Year-Old Secret Amongst the Upper Echelons of Munich’s Society

Assemble Entertainment and developer SenAm Games are proud to announce their newest title, Hauma – A Detective Noir Story.

A narrative-driven mystery, Hauma follows the story of Judith, a retired detective roused from retirement to uncover a conspiracy lying within the heart of Munich’s elite fascist society. Players will explore real-world locations in a distinctive, comic-inspired art style, as they use their investigative skills to piece together the mystery.

Hauma – A Detective Noir Story is coming later this fall to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam and Itch.io. Watch the announcement trailer here and download the press kit here. Request review code for the game (when available) here.

The game is featured in the Indie Live Expo on May 20, 2023, and is an excellent addition to the showcase, which celebrates indie developers and their games from around the world. Players can make their own deductions using the “mindboard”, an innovative inventory containing items, thoughts, and other clues necessary to decipher the dark secret of the city’s underbelly.

Hauma – A Detective Noir Story is a unique narrative-based investigative noir visual novel with comic-inspired storytelling and evocative characters. Players are invited to dive deep into the heart of Munich and piece together the puzzle of the conspiracy that lies within. Hauma – A Detective Noir Story can be wishlisted now, and a free demo is playable on Steam.

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