Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi's DX)

#ToaplanLoveDay! Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX) and other Toaplan games are coming out on February 14th!

Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi’s DX) is a remake of the arcade game “Pipi&Bibi’s / Whoopee!” by TOAPLAN but without erotic content and with many improvements.

Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX) is a single-screen action platformer, reminiscent of Snow Bros. and others of the era, in which players assume the role of Pipi and Bibi: two spies who enter and bomb a series of six buildings protected by guards, scientists, divers, mob bosses, humanoid cats and other quirky individuals….

And they escape from the buildings just in time before they collapse from the explosions!


  • Challenging arcade difficulty.
  • Retro graphics options (pixel-art or AI upscaled graphics, CRT filter, etc…)
  • Solo, cooperative and competitive game modes: 1 to 4 players! (local multiplayer)
  • Sensitive controls, zero input lag.
  • 24 levels in 6 zones.
  • A new way to replay the game with fast-paced action, starring the “Spy Sis”.
  • Bonus level after each “world”.
  • 4 playable characters and 2 endings.
  • 6 different frames.
  • Lots of fun!
  • No stretched graphics mode, of course. Please respect your pixels.

Specific Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX) differences with respect to the original video game:

  • Erotic content removed. In this version the women are heroines, not prizes.
  • Funny illustrations of the wacky adventures of the Spy Bros. as a reward after passing each zone.
  • HD scaled graphics option.
  • New game modes: “Spy Sis.” and “VS. Mode.” (up to 4 players!)
  • Difficulty lowered, gamefeel improved.
  • New “bonus” level after each zone.
  • 6 different frames.
  • New “Final boss

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