The Legend of Gwen

The Legend of Gwen – Press Release

In the all new The Legend of Gwen, Gwen, a newcomer to the wizardry school, wanted to become the best witch in the world. To her bad luck, her arrival came at a bad time because just when she arrived she couldn’t have a welcome party because there was a surprise guest… “The Evil One!”

“Evil” didn’t hesitate twice and began to absorb everything she could from the school! Now who will teach Gwen about sorcery! Will she be able to learn on her own? Will she be able to overcome the obstacles of “The Evil One” and get the school back? Help Gwen with this challenge and defeat “The Evil One” (if you can ….).

The Legend of Gwen Features:

  • Visit different moons with their own obstacles, colors and enemies.
  • Traps, enemies and big bosses on each of the moons.
  • Test your level of agility and skill in the different levels against the clock.
  • Collect different seeds for the vegetable garden…can you get them all?
  • Isometric mode and different points of view of all levels (Help to find secrets).
  • High difficulty of the game: look for the different help chests and the boss hunter to help you in battle.
  • Magic of checkpoint (Not available in levels against the clock).
  • Game mode with simultaneous use of two characters, enjoy the challenge with your friend Corki!
  • 6 different types of wands that change the style of play.

Some data: The Legend of Gwen Release date of 16/02/2023 with a MSRP price of 19,99€/$, 19,99£ (20% discount first week) and will be in multi-languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

The Legend of Gwen has an age rating of E10+

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