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Twin-Stick Roguelite Looter Shooter Dust & Neon Comes in Early 2023

New Dust & Neon Trailer and Extended Gameplay Walkthrough Debuted alongside Nintendo’s Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event

As part of Nintendo’s Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event, Rogue Games, publisher of the wildest games in the west, revealed Dust & Neon is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2023.

View the Dust & Neon Nintendo Direct gameplay trailer.

The post-apocalyptic Wild West action game features tight twin-stick shooting controls, Roguelite-RPG progression, and loot… lots of loot, with thousands of revolvers, shotguns, and rifles. Shoot, collect and upgrade with dozens of unlockable abilities as players progress through the beautifully stylish cyber cowboy action shooter.

To get a feel for the core gameplay loop of Dust & Neon, Rogue Games has also provided an extended gameplay walkthrough showcasing the strategic top-down twin-stick shooting, looting, and deep roguelite progression. Catch a glimpse of the game’s unique mechanics such as the manual reload and automatic cover system, as well as the main hub world and character skill trees.

View the Dust & Neon extended walkthrough video.

Dust & Neon is coming to Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch in Early 2023.

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