The fun of endlessly bouncing like mad! Smilemo is coming January 19th, 2023!

Global game publisher CFK (CEO: Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce today (Dec. 23rd) its decision to bring the side-scrolling action game Smilemo to the Nintendo Switch™ on January 19th, 2023.

Smilemo is a charming pixel art game that takes you on the journey of our main character, Smilemo, as he tries to rescue his computer world from a sudden virus attack. Gamers will take control of our smiley protagonist as they collect the bits of vaccine code scattered across the world and fight back against the virus.

  • The side-scrolling action game Smilemo, now available on Steam, will have its global release on the Nintendo Switch™ on January 19th, 2023
  • Since its May release, Smilemo has been met with a “Very positive” rating… becoming a hot game for streamers
  • Pre-orders are planned to begin on January 5th… and the demo will be available starting December 22nd on the Nintendo eShops

● Story
✉️Messages downloading…

😀Emoticons downloading…

… ?!

😈Virus downloading…?

One day, a computer world was plunged into crisis by an unexpected virus infection.

Our smiling emoji protagonist, Smilemo😀, barely managed to survive, and now he must help the system admin by collecting the vaccine code that has been scattered across the infected world!

● Game features
Against a backdrop of a virus-infected computer world, players must take control of our daring protagonist, Smilemo.

Run, jump, cling to walls, and dash through the air! There’s all sorts of action waiting for you to conquer with these simple movements! In the end, will Smilemo be able to overcome the obstacles, restore the vaccine code, and bring peace back to the computer world?

The spectacular adventure of Smilemo begins now!

● “Beware of the red!” One touch of the virus will send you flying uncontrollably with our “endless bouncing mechanics!”
Each stage is full of the “red infection,” taking such forms as human shapes walking, walls of spikes, and spinning saw blades.

If your timing is wrong and you end up touching the virus, you’ll be sent backward with each and every touch! When gamers come back to their senses, they may even find themselves back at the start of the level.

Smilemo’s charm comes from the unique feeling it brings on as the tension raises higher and higher. One should move carefully in order to avoid the viruses strategically placed throughout the stages, each able to send you spiraling out of control with a single touch!

Smilemo carries a simple yet complex, difficult yet approachable level of difficulty, providing the players with checkpoints while also sending them flying with a single mistake. Even when they do make a mistake, players can try again and again from the checkpoints scattered throughout each stage, greatly reducing the difficulty players will face.

● Combat the virus by collecting pieces of the vaccine code scattered throughout each stage. Face off in an intense battle against the boss! Avoid the boss’s attacks and survive until the bitter end to get revenge!
Gamers should collect the pieces of vaccine code in each stage while avoiding the viral manifestations. In addition to all the obstacles, players will also come across the giant “Trojan Horse” boss and its attacks, adding further to the tension. Gamers have to run all out to escape from the giant virus and survive to the end of the stage. Don’t lose focus once, because even a small mistake will mean the end of your smiley life.

Can you overcome the obstacles, restore the vaccine code, and bring peace back to the computer world? Smilemo’s spectacular adventure begins now!

Each stage is full of the “red infection,” able to send you backward with each and every touch! If your timing is off, you may find yourself bouncing out of control, finding yourself all the way back at the start of a level.

With its unique fun and simple, yet manic mechanics, Smilemo has been receiving a steady wave of good reviews since its May release, earning it a “Very positive” review on Steam. It’s also become a hot item among streamers, featured and enjoyed by content creators around the globe.

On January 19th, Smilemo will be coming to the Nintendo Switch™ so that even more gamers can experience the fun. To begin, CFK will release a demo version of Smilemo on the Nintendo Switch™ that will be available on the Nintendo eStores from December 22nd. The game will also be available to pre-order starting on January 5th ahead of its official global release.

The Nintendo Switch™ version will be released to the globe on January 19th, 2023, priced at $9.99.

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