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Classic fantasy creatures meet the Jazz Age in Pendula Swing!

Beautiful, unique point and click adventure game Pendula Swingis heading to Nintendo Switch.

RedDeer.games announces that it will be releasing an extraordinary fantasy point and click game inspired by the 1920s – Pendula Swing for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released later this year.

Watch the new trailer.

In Pendula Swing you’ll meet hundreds of stories and characters from a colorful universe where elves are industrializing mithril mining and goblins are fighting for their rights – all in an atmosphere when swing and jazz ruled the world!

Your adventure will include styling yourself and home in 1920s fashion, caring for cute animals, solving puzzles and problems of Duberdon citizens, taking a calm moment to fish, starting several romances, summoning the ghost of your ex-wife, and much more!

Pendula Swing is also a progressive world; give love a chance regardless of gender or relationship preference!

From LGBTQ+ to wheelchairs, you will meet lots of characters with unique personalities and tastes.

Discover their story and who knows, maybe you’ll find true love among them?

Pendula Swing KEY FEATURES

  • Unique setting that mixes fantasy characters with Prohibition-era jazz
  • More than 7 hours of content filled with 160 quests and storylines
  • A variety of characters and progressive dating options
  • Lots of cute pets!
  • An original soundtrack full of swing and jazz
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