Unlock the Cat

Unlock the Cat – Solve all the puzzles to help the kitten out of the rock traps!

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with MiniCactus Games, is pleased to announce our new brand game Unlock the Cat that will be available for Nintendo Switch on January 13.

Unlock the Cat is a puzzle inspired by the classic Klotski models, in which the player will move the different pieces of different sizes on a board in order to release the main piece. In this variation of the classic, the objective is precisely to save the kitten that is being surrounded by rocks that are blocking its path.

With a simple gameplay and cute visuals, Unlock the Cat comes out as a minimalist puzzle in which the player can enjoy the soundtracks, composed for the tranquility experiences in mind, and the addition to the more than 30 challenges that the game provides.

Unlock the Cat Game Features

  • Challenging and captivating puzzles;
  • Simple controls;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • Beautiful and minimalistic graphics;
  • Amazing Soundtrack with relaxing songs;

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