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Thalamus Digital Releases Brain-Tickling Puzzle Game Word Forward on the Nintendo Switch

Spelling and strategy combine in this pensive puzzler that has already proved a hit on mobile

Following the success of its earlier collaboration with Rocketship Park (LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories), Thalamus Digital Publishing has released the first home console port of Rocketship Park’s critically acclaimed word game Word Forward to the Nintendo Switch.

Previously released on PC, Mac and mobile devices, Word Forward has amassed more than 6 million plays to date and has been celebrated by critics as “a challenging puzzler not to be missed.”

“As we saw with their earlier release of LOVE, Thalamus Digital has proven an incredible partner who knows how to adapt a title flawlessly for a Switch audience,” said Jim Squires, CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Park. “So much so, in fact, that the Switch version of Word Forward is now my favorite way to play it! They’ve even made great use of the Switch’s touchscreen, which is something so rarely seen.”

Word Forward isn’t a word game about spelling the longest words or the most clever — it’s about carefully removing every letter tile to declare victory in 500 puzzles. It requires cunning and strategy, asking players to use all 25 letters in the 5×5 grid to make words and clear the board.

“People are quick to judge word games as being all the same, but Word Forward firmly proves this isn’t the case,” said Andy Roberts, CEO and founder of Thalamus Digital. “This is a game that requires chess-like strategy, and feels much closer to a brain-challenging puzzle like sudoku than the average word gamer might expect. It’s a thinker that I think Switch gamers are going to love.”

Word Forward FEATURES:

  • SPELL words by tracing a line between tiles in any direction, including diagonally
  • SWAP any two letters on the grid by using a SWAP TOKEN, earned during gameplay
  • JUMBLE the tiles on the grid to replace all the letters with new ones when all else fails
  • CHANGE the letter on a tile to any other letter you choose using the SWAP MODIFIER
  • ELIMINATE stubborn tiles with BOMBS to get yourself out of a tight spot
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