Theatre of Sorrows

Cosmic horror meets resource management – Theatre of Sorrows announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam

Theatre of Sorrows, a 2D rogue-lite inspired by the prose of H. P. Lovecraft, is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The newest game developed by Cat-astrophe Games, published by Ultimate Games and MobilWay, combines the creepiness of cosmic horror with a procedurally-generated map, branching narrative and a dash of resource management.

The Theatre of Sorrows story focuses on Eileen and Killian – a pair of twins whose quiet and normal life gets abruptly destroyed by a dark cult. In an attempt to save his sister, Killian agrees to comply with their demands and travels to the mysterious island of Esha. There he will have to navigate his way through the unknown territory with only a handful of hints that might lead him to a dangerous discovery about things that should have probably been consigned to oblivion…

More information about Theatre of Sorrows can be found on the newly released Steam page.

The exact date of the release will be announced in the near future.

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