Super Chicken Catchers

Frantic futuresport Super Chicken Catchers launches on Nintendo Switch

Rocket League just got a fluffy upgrade in this 2v2 party game

It’s time to get all your chickens in a row, the Cluckball World Championship is coming to a galaxy near you! The frantic chicken sport sim Super Chicken Catchers originally launched on PC in February last year and developer White Smoke Games is excited to bring the 2v2 capture-the-chicken party game to the Nintendo Switch.

This fast-paced party game requires each team member to choose between mount or rider, each with its unique skill set. As the skillful riders jump, glide, and blast opponents away, it’s the mount’s job to hunt down the elusive chicken – and what kind of mounts can you find on the field? Flying pigs, of course! Super Chicken Catchers’ hectic, playful gameplay pushes friendships to the limit to see if players have what it takes to become champions of the Cluckball arena.

Collaboration is the name of the game in this frantic struggle to see who can put the most chickens in the basket. But players shouldn’t count their eggs before they’ve hatched as anything can happen in this clucking ridiculous free-for-all.

About Super Chicken Catchers

It’s Year 2 of Era 4 on Planet 12, which can only mean one thing… it’s time for the galaxy-wide Cluckball Championship!

As the entire galaxy watches, you and your fellow Twelvians will battle for the ultimate 2v2 sporting prize. But with the competition so fierce, you and your partner will need to hone your
co-operative tactics to become champions of the stars.

How will you collaborate? What’s your game plan? Will you outwit your opponents and emerge
victorious, as the team in possession of the fabled chicken?

It’s time to go clucking wild…

CEO of developer White Smoke Games, Florent Leger, had this to say on the launch: “Almost every time we showed Super Chicken Catchers to anyone, the recurring question on everyone’s lips was “When does it come out on Switch?”.

“At last, we are very happy to be able to answer the question: Super Chicken Catchers is available on the Switch right now!

“The video games industry was strongly impacted by the pandemic over the last year… To say that it impacted us as well would be an understatement. We are, however, very proud to release our first game on the Switch and are eager to see players catch chickens on the go!”

Players can buy Super Chicken Catchers now from the Nintendo Switch e-store for £13.49 / $17.99. It can also be purchased for PC via their Steam page.

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