B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad

B.A.T.S. is launching this month!

The fast paced side scrolling platformer brawler is launching October 20th on PC and Consoles!

The MIX Games, One Eyed Robot, and Ritual Games are delighted to announce the bloody fast paced side scrolling action brawler B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad will release on October 20th on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (compatible with PlayStation 5), Xbox One (compatible with Series X/S) and PC.

Announced during the Guerilla Collective showcase in June, B.A.T.S. is like a favorite Saturday morning cartoon, but with a gory twist. Created by animation industry veterans Yoram Benz (Cartoon Network, G4) and Matt Schwartz (Adult Swim Games, GameTap), this brand new bloody IP will make Happy Tree Friends look like the Care Bears! Play as Count Bloodvayne and the rest of Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad as they battle Scorpion Supreme and the ruthless terrorist organization, STING! (Syndicate for Terror and Illegal Non-Government, voted the world’s #1 terrorist organization).

Inspired by Action side-scrollers from the 16-bit era, B.A.T.S. is a fast-paced, arcade brawler-shooter-slasher that rewards precision play and pixel-perfect timing. Play like a pro or take your time running around killing terrorists, slicing off heads and sucking up blood at your own pace. It’s up to you! Either way, you’re gonna have a bloody good time.

B.A.T.S. Game Features:

  • Five levels to master
  • Five characters to unlock
  • Realistic BloodEFX technology
  • Historically accurate vampire powers
  • Hilarious and unfortunate deaths
  • Thousands of screams

One Eyed Robot and Ritual Games will release B.A.T.S. with The MIX team, which has been helping developers gain visibility and traction for their games. This is amongst the first games where The MIX is directly supporting distribution, with more to come.

B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad will release on October 20th on PC, PlayStation 4 (compatible with PlayStation 5), Xbox One (compatible with Series X/S) and Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

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