A Girl’s Journey in the Art World Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles Announced for Nintendo Switch!

The game publisher CFK announced that a new puzzle game named Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles will have its Nintendo Switch release this year.

Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles has been praised around the world by puzzle gamers in Steam, mainly for its story about Lynn’s unexpected journey in the oriental art world made by the Nine-tailed Fox.

The game features majestic scenery and unique character and story illustrations, all drawn in oriental style. While over 100 puzzles await player’s challenge, players will also immerse themselves into the story with the help of modern-style traditional eastern soundtracks.

  • The story of the Nine-tailed Fox and a girl trapped in the oriental art
  • Enjoy delicate and artistic puzzles made of brushstrokes and blanks
  • Available this year on Nintendo Switch!

Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles will be released on Nintendo Switch as a DL-Only software, and its official release date will be revealed soon.

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