Induction out today on Nintendo Switch

Paradox-building puzzle game Induction is out today on Nintendo Switch™. Bryan Gale’s time travel mind-melter invites you to mess with cause and effect, and discover what happens when timelines collide.

Induction Features

  • 56 puzzles that break the walls between past, present, and future.
  • An abstract alternate universe to decode – Induction does not pander, but invites you to uncover its inner workings for yourself.
  • Unique time mechanics – an original take on time travel that allows you to build strange causal loops.
  • A reactive ambient soundtrack by electronic composer and radio broadcaster Tim Shiel (Duet, The Gardens Between).

Induction for Nintendo Switch is the first console release of solo independent developer Bryan Gale, who was inspired by how (almost) every movie about time travel gets time travel wrong. Induction will be available at 30% off its regular price of $8.99 until 21st July.

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