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Stormind Games partners with Team 17 to launch their upcoming Action RPG Batora: Lost Haven

Team17 has today announced it will be releasing Stormind Games’ cosmic action-RPG, Batora: Lost Haven, on Nintendo Switch, consoles, and PC in 2022.

Set following the events of a global disaster on Earth, Batora: Lost Haven will take players on an emotive adventure across the stars, with a rich and branching narrative of choice and consequence that will change the destiny of the universe. Batora: Lost Haven also combines hack & slash and twin-stick shooter combat mechanics tied to separate physical and mental health bars for deep strategic and tactical gameplay.

Batora: Lost Haven key features:

  • Deep, branching narrative: Unravel an interplanetary journey as the only person who can save Earth from its impending oblivion
  • Unique ‘Nature Switch’ mechanic: Balance mental and physical powers to overcome the hostile environments and enemies as the story unfolds
  • Reactive, non-linear storytelling: Your choices will change the fate of the universe and of the creatures that inhabit it. Will you be a Conqueror or Defender?
  • Beautiful retro sci-fi art style: Enjoy colourful and fascinating planets and hand-painted visuals inspired by the retro science fiction art styles of the 1950s

Batora: Lost Haven will be launching on PlayStation®5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam for PC in 2022.

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