A witch’s journey to save her dear girl begins! Wicce Announced for Nintendo Switch!

The game publisher CFK announced that their new action adventure game Wicce will be released on Nintendo Switch.

Wicce is a side-scrolling action game in which players get to journey the dark märchen fantasy world. As a witch living in the gloomy era, players must find the missing daughter in the town overrun by an epidemic.

A witch named 「Wicce」 was living with her daughter in a house standing in the deep forest.

One day, her daughter went on an errand but didn’t come back even after the sun set on the horizon.
So 「Wicce」 headed to the town to look for her daughter.

What she didn’t expect to see was the town filled with people fallen by disease, and fiends letting out foul aura! Searching for the dear girl, 「Wicce」 fights the fiends and cures people.

But the 「Pope」, having heard of her actions, sees 「Wicce」 as the one who caused the epidemic…….

Wicce sets out to find her missing daughter in the town of death. She uses her broom to fight grotesque fiends, cast magic, fly as well as activate various gimmicks in the stage. Featuring a variety of actions with simple controls, the game has players pull through dynamic battles and extreme boss fights where bosses have their own unique patterns.

  • A witch’s journey in the era tainted by epidemic
  • Save the witch’s daughter from crisis!
  • Coming this May to Nintendo Switch

Wicce, a witch’s adventure to save her missing daughter, will be released on Nintendo Switch as a DL only software. Wicce will have its official May release date soon.

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