Chicken Range

Chicken Range Bawk-Bawks its Way to the Nintendo Switch

Don’t let these feathered fiends put egg on your face!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To attack us with eggs in ways that are actually impressive for chickens.

But all of that ends today with the launch of Chicken Range on the Nintendo Switch™ – available in a Standalone version and a Bundle Pack that includes a gun controller (pictured above) that will intimidate any chicken dumb enough to cross the player’s road.

Chicken Range on the Nintendo Switch - Bundle Pack that includes a gun controller

Chicken Range is a hilarious comic arcade shooter that has players shooting chickens using an armory of weapons, which include pistols, AK47s, RPGs, Flamethrowers, and even Alien Ray Guns. These chickens won’t take a lickin’ without a fight and will throw eggs at the player to obscure their vision. Once the player is blinded by a Vegas buffet’s worth of eggs, it’s game over. While “Shino” can be used to clear your visor, it can only do so much as its quantity is limited making each spray the difference between life and death by omelette.

Players can carry up to three weapons at a time as they travel across 15 different levels to combat a number of chickens, including Riot Police Chickens, Tank Chickens, Ninja Chickens, Helicopter Chickens, and many more. While only four weapons are available to wield at the start of the game, additional weapons of mass de-cluck-tion will unlock as players progress.

Chicken Range has been rated “E10+” by the ESRB. For more information, visit the game website at

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