The striking satirical roguelite set in a series of high-tech conglomerate dungeons heads to consoles and PC on 24th September. Team17 and Aggro Crab Games today announced that the satirical roguelite, Going Under, will launch on 24th September across Steam and console digital stores. Set in the procedurally generated, dystopian dungeons underneath the disruptive drinks brand Fizzle, Going Under sees players follow the adventure of the corporation’s newest Gen Z marketing intern, Jackie Fiasco. Sent on a dangerous mission to rid Fizzle of the monstrous employees and former CEOs from the failed start-ups that came before, Fiasco must use anything that comes to hand – staplers, laptops, and even potted plants – to complete her adventure. Going Under key features: Fight the failures: Battle through the satirical dungeons of procedurally-generated remains of failed and cursed tech start-ups underneath the bowels of Fizzle Everything’s a weapon: Potted plants, giant pencils, laptops, and even body pillows are weapons […]

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Unrailed! Goes Full Steam Ahead Bringing its Crazy Co-op Action to Consoles and PC on September 23rd

​​​​​​​After a successful Early Access period on Steam, the quirky coop hit not only receives a full PC release but will also launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Daedalic Entertainment and Indoor Astronaut were happy to announce their successful Steam Early Access title Unrailed! will fully release on September 23rd, not just on PC, but also on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unrailed! is a true test of your friendships: Work together in local or online multiplayer with up to four players to guide your train through dangerous terrain filled with obstacles and meddling local wildlife in order to reach the safety of the next station. Communication and cooperation are key to ensure you always have enough resources to build new tracks, stop your train from overheating, and can fend off animals pestering you. Without quick decision making and strategic planning your train will derail quickly, which makes the […]

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Adam’s Venture®: Origins puzzles its way to the stores for Nintendo Switch™ on September 25, 2020

SOEDESCO® releases the physical edition of Adam’s Venture®: Origins for Nintendo Switch™ on September 25, 2020. The family friendly adventure game is the first SOEDESCO IP that made its way to Nintendo Switch. Adam’s Venture: Origins previously released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam, and is created and distributed in the Netherlands. The game offers a variety of puzzles with mixed levels of difficulty. Adam’s Venture: Origins lets players use their head to solve a series of mysteries and puzzles. Brains over brawn  In Adam’s Venture: Origins, players get to know the protagonist Adam and his trusted companion Evelyn. Together, they travel the world and visit places like Jerusalem and France to unravel the secret of Eden. Along the way, Adam and Evelyn are faced with several dangers as the evil Clairvaux company follows them closely. Rather than using violence, Adam resorts to clever thinking to solve problems. The game offers […]

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Thalamus Digital Publishing Ltd. announces release of Cecconoid for Nintendo Switch

UK developer and publisher Thalamus Digital Publishing Ltd. today announced the official launch of the twin-stick shoot ’em up Cecconoid for Nintendo Switch. Originally launched on Steam in 2019, Cecconoid was developed by Triple Eh? Ltd. as a homage to 8bit and arcade shoot ’em ups of the 1980s, melding the flick-screen exploration of Raffael Cecco’s ZX Spectrum classic Cybernoid with the raw adrenaline of Eugene Jarvis’ twin-stick masterpiece, Robotron. “Cecconoid is a short exploration of pure video games, those glowing, pulsing, noisy games of our youth”, explains Noyce. “What happens if we inject a bit more power into a ZX Spectrum, give it two joysticks, and then turn things up to 11? And more importantly, what if everything exploded into its own pixels, while flashing bright lights in our eyes? Turns out it’s sweaty palms, and a whole load of swearing. As it should be!” “We developed a great […]

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Runestone Keeper

Runestone Keeper Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer Released

Ahead of its upcoming arrival on Nintendo Switch, CIRCLE Entertainment is pleased to release a new trailer for Runestone Keeper. Runestone Keeper is a roguelike experience with ‘one more go’ gameplay, as players seek to advance further and unlock the game’s mysteries one room at a time. It was previously released on Steam and has accrued a Very Positive user review score. Runestone Keeper arrives on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America / Europe / Australia & New Zealand on 20th August, priced at $9.99 / €9,99, but with a 10% discount during its launch week. Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike / roguelite dungeon crawler that blends classic roleplaying elements and turn-based combat strategy! This adventure will keep you coming back for one more floor, one more run, as you try to push through the dangers of the dungeon! Heroes, monsters, equipment, events, magic and skills, traps and devices, shrines and […]

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Comical Rogue-lite Game Deadly Days Coming to Nintendo Switch

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelsplit Games recently announced that the over-the-top 8bit-style zombie shooter Deadly Days is crawling and clawing its way to Nintendo Switch later this summer! Today we have a short teaser video on what it’s going to be like on the Switch.

Players can expect the same wacky gameplay that they’ve come to love; now take the epic zombie battles on the go! Including all of the features from the PC release, the Nintendo Switch version packs a powerful punch dropping you right in the middle of the crazy brain-eating action! Deadly Days for Nintendo Switch will be available as a digital download from the Nintendo Store this summer.


Poker Hands now available on Nintendo Switch

Available NOW to get 50% OFF on Nintendo eShop. QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Minimolgames, is pleased to announce that PokerHands is available now on Nintendo eShop with 50% discount in the Americas and Europe. Poker Hands: A relaxing puzzle game where you combine neighboring cards to form poker hands. Use your arrow keys to move the cards. When two cards touch, they merge into one! Main features: 50 Levels that will challenge you to form different poker hands; Designed for experienced poker players and newcomers alike (you do not need to know how to play poker to enjoy this game); Original Soundtrack, composed especially for this game

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Indie World Presentation Showcase

New Indie World Presentation Showcases More Than 20 Indie Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

Highlights from the Packed Video Include Hades, Card Shark, Raji: An Ancient Epic and a Free Two-Player Update to Untitled Goose Game Today, Nintendo released a new Indie World video showcasing a wide variety of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch system this year and next. Highlights of the video include rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades, card-trick adventure game Card Shark and Raji: An Ancient Epic, an action-adventure game inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology that launches for Nintendo Switch later today. The video also revealed a free two-player update for Untitled Goose Game that is headed to the slapstick-stealth-sandbox game on Sept. 23. “The vast library of inspired indie games on Nintendo Switch is about to get even bigger,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “Thanks to the independent developers from around the world who have found their home on Nintendo Switch, the system continues to be a place […]

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My Universe - My Baby

The life simulation My Baby is now available worldwide!

Nurture your little one! The family’s growing, with the simulation My Baby, now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch! About My Baby: With My Baby, nurture your newborn and witness his/her evolution from birth to two years old and participate in dozens of realistic activities! Do your best to keep your baby happy and help him/her understand the world around. Prepare the milk bottle, run the bath, change the diaper and even take your little one on a stroller ride in the neighborhood. Interact with your environment and increase your baby’s well-being; and motivate him/her to try new things and unlock new activities. From the cradle to its first steps, you will be present at all the stages of his/her growth! With My Baby, give a name and personalize your baby as you wish. Boy or girl, the color of its eyes, his/her hair, skin and even clothes and haircut dozens of combinations […]

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No Straight Roads Launches August 25th, New Gameplay Trailer Available Today

The rhythm-infused action-adventure No Straight Roads will release on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch™, and PC via the Epic Games Store on August 25.

The rockin’ action-adventure will be available digitally on all platforms, and physically on PS4 and Xbox One, including an awesome Collector’s Edition packed with exclusive items. The physical Nintendo Switch version and physical Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition will follow shortly after.