The Darkside Detective

The Darkside Detective series joins the Akupara Games’ Roster

The multi-award-winning series and highly anticipated sequel to be published in 2021

Akupara Games announced today its exciting partnership with Irish developer Spooky Doorway, to bring their title The Darkside Detective: Season 2 to life in 2021. With this, Akupara Games will be also given the reigns for the original The Darkside Detective and will bring the series to new platforms, championing their porting efforts.

The Darkside Detective is a serial point-and-click adventure where you are put in the shoes of Detective McQueen and his sidekick, Officer Patrick Dooley, investigating cases plaguing Twin Lakes and its colorful citizens. Point at everything in sight, click around mysterious and eerie locations, and use your wits (or borrow a friend’s) to lay the multitude of extra-dimensional cases to rest! The game has since been the recipient of many awards including The Aggie’s Award for Best Writing and Indie Dome Award for Best Narrative in 2017.

“Akupara Games is shifting towards a catalog of spooky and narrative-focused adventure and horror games which align with titles such as Whispering Willows and Mutazione. When we saw The Darkside Detective series we knew it was an absolutely perfect fit for our ever-growing spoopy family.” – David Logan, CEO

Shake moths off your trench coat, splash some coffee on your sixth sense and tune back into season 2 of The Darkside Detective! A year has passed since the events of season one’s finale, but the paranormal rests for no one. The Darkside has been (un)dying to hear from you, will you answer the call?

Season 2 is bigger, better, and 100% slimier than ever! A year after the “Motel Incident” of Season 1, we find our reliable Darkside Detective, Francis McQueen, picking up the pieces that left the Darkside Division’s dynamic duo as a slightly less-than-dynamic solo.


While the best line of defense against the unknown took a hit to their ranks, the Darkside’s ominous influence remains ever-present with the supernatural running amuck and the paranormal causing havoc around the completely (ab)normal city of Twin Lakes.

It’s time to brush up on the occult, bust out your signed copy of Guylight, and answer the age-old question, “Why does the moon always seemingly show up when something goes wrong?”

This brand new collection of comedic point-and-click adventures will see Detective McQueen in six new standalone cases as he investigates a creepy carnival, explores a retirement home, and even tries to unwind on a trip to “sunny” old Ireland…

  •  6 brand new standalone bite-sized micro cases to solve in The Darkside Detective franchise, with more to come post-launch
  •  Detective McQueen goes big with an international case of global proportions
  •  Twin Lakes’ hottest fashion trends
  •  Pixel optimization for better facial recognition
  •  Use of an innovative combination of noises known as Moo-sak to build atmosphere and chase off lonely, eerie silence

Following the massive success of its predecessor, The Darkside Detective: Season 2 will launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Switch in 2021, following its successful Kickstarter campaign. The game will continue its fun and hilarious narrative trying to crack the latest phenomenon of Twin Lakes! A free demo featuring the first two cases in the original The Darkside Detective is currently available for download now.

Download the The Darkside Detective:

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