Do Not Feed The Monkeys Accolades Trailer Released

Officially more fun than a barrel of monkeys

Cover up your webcams: for the past month, Do Not Feed The Monkeys players on Nintendo Switch™ have been cast as internet spies with access to dozens of unsecured cameras online, and critics have been going bananas for the satirical voyeur simulator. To celebrate their sordid discoveries, Alawar and indie developer Fictiorama Studios have released a new accolades trailer highlighting the pick of the bunch.

Released on PC to great acclaim in 2018, the satirical Do Not Feed The Monkeys enlists players into a shadowy club monitoring a selection of unsuspecting members of the public through cameras lurking in their own homes. Now Nintendo Switch owners can witness the best and the very worst of people behind-closed-doors, and face a variety of quandaries as their peeping tomfoolery forces them to put their own moral code under the microscope.

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Do Not Feed The Monkeys is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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