Depth of Extinction

Depth of Extinction: Definitive Edition – Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Chart your course through a dangerous underwater world, taking on enemies in deep turn-based combat

ATLANTA (May 20, 2020) – Subaquatic turn-based strategy RPG Depth of Extinction is surfacing for Pre-Purchase on the Nintendo eShop and XBox One digital today at 10% off for a limited time.

Tasked with stopping impending android armageddon, you command a ragtag group of soldiers who must fight their way through a perilous sunken world. Developed by HOF Studios, the game features a retro pixel art aesthetic, tons of varied scenarios, and deep, turn-based tactical combat. The Definitive Edition ups the ante with the addition of new enemies and maps along with tactical options like setting up ambushes, and using stealth to get the drop on enemies.

“I’ve had a long running love for tactics games for a couple of decades now,” says Mike Stumhofer, founder and lead developer at HOF Studios. “My favorite game from back then was Terror from the Deep and I essentially created Depth of Extinction as a spiritual remake of that game with modern gameplay mechanics from games like XCOM and FTL.”

Depth of Extinction works to combine the best of old and new, taking the best of turn-based combat while adding in new twists like stealth, ambushes, and random encounters to keep it fresh. The gameplay is also bolstered by a ton of unique character classes, equipment, and other options to give players more freedom in how they approach each scenario.

Despite the underwater setting, the game’s story takes a surprisingly grounded feel. “Most games focus on creating threats to humanity like aliens, zombies, vampires or some other monster,” Stumhofer elaborates. “But in Depth of Extinction, the greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself.”

Key Features

  • Explore a sunken world and build your own story
  • Familiar tactical options with a few new twists including action refunds, stealth positioning and ambushes
  • Create the ultimate squad from 10 different character classes including the brand new SABOTEUR
  • Outfit your team with 115 different weapons, armor, and items
  • Fight 30+ unique enemies from 5 factions
  • Position your team and then get the kill with stealth

Depth of Extinction is now available for Pre-Purchase at $13.49 (US) – a 10% discount. The game will return to its original price of $14.99 on launch day. Depth of Extinction is also available on Steam, and GOG.

Release Dates

June 3 – XBox One –

June 4 – Nintendo Switch™ –

June 11 – PlayStation 4 – TBA

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